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Isn’t it nice to see the sun shining on the outside, even on a cold day? But wait, what’s there – the beautiful sun shows the ugly side of not properly cleaned windows. As a matter of fact, there are streaks all over. It is time to get serious and enjoy a good view through clean windows without any streaks insight.

Without a doubt, the right cleaning accessories are essential, in combination with the right cleaning techniques. With our great streak free windows cleaning tips, we will show, how to clean everything with standard household methods, but also dig a little bit deeper into some old granny tricks which many do not remember or even not aware of.

Streak free window cleaning in Hot Climates or during Summer

During warmer days, the windows act like a super strong magnet to attract dirt. Once attached to the window, it is sometimes very difficult to get them 100% clean. Here and now, we detour very quick into physics. All professional glass cleaners know that ammonia charges molecules of the window glass negativity. Once the glass is charged, it will repel the dirt from the window. This is also the reason why many regular glass cleaner do contain at least 5-10% of ammonia. This makes the cleaning process very easy and stress-free.


The best streak free glass cleaner

Firstly, I need to mention the regular household glass cleaners which is a basic essential in every house.

In case the budget is very tight, regular dish detergent is also very useful. Add a couple of drops into a 5-liter bucket of water and mix it well.

Another method which I personally do not recommend is to have a water-alcohol solution for the window cleaning. First, make sure to wear appropriate protections gloves and secondly, leave the windows open a very long time to get rid of the penetrating smell.

In case you do not like any chemical-based cleaning products, an all-time classic is as always white vinegar. Add some drops into a bucket of water and let the cleaning begin.

Finally, have you ever wondered why many household products are lemon-based? You have guessed it, right! Lemon, is by nature acidic which attacks bacteria and dirt very well. Add one freshly squeezed lemon into 5-liters of water and mix well.

Cleaning windows on a regular basis

It is not recommended to wait too long in order to clean the windows. The longer you wait, the dirtier and more stubborn it all gets. Experts recommend cleaning all the windows including frames at least two times a year. If you live in a high pollution/dust area, every 4-6 weeks you should make the effort to do so.


Best way to clean windows streak free

Now that you know some basics, we can actually explain the step by step process of how to do the window cleaning correctly without having any streaks:


Windows are much easier to clean when the sun is not shining very strong. This has the advantage that all the overlooked streaks and stripes are clearly visible. On the other hand, a cloudy day does not reflect the missing areas at all, and on a bright sunny day, the glass cleaner dries out too quickly. As you can see the perfect timing is essential.

DIY streak free window cleaner step by step guide:

Window Cleaning Streak Free

Step 1:

1. First, get an empty bucket for the water, a couple of microfiber cloth, a glass squeegee, and a good glass cleaner (alternatives see above). It is not recommended to use a sponge as it will do not give any good results.

Step 2:

2. Now, add at least 5 liters of warm water (not cold!) into the bucket and add a small amount of your personal choice of glass cleaner into the bucket. Do not add too much of the glass cleaner into the water as there is a saying: “Less is better”.

Step 3:

3. Remove all the rough dirt from the window first. In case there are very stubborn spots, please read further down for special treatment. Make sure that the microfiber cloth is soak-free (do not wash them prior with softener). To be sure that the cloth is soaked very well, dip it several times into the water solution. Now start the cleaning process until you cannot notice dirt anymore.

Step 4:

4. To get rid of all the bubbly foam it is recommended to rinse the windows with clean/fresh warm water afterward. At this time, it is the turn to use a good glass squeegee. In order to get the window absolutely streak-free, do it as the Experts do:

Pull the squeegee down from the upper edge of the window in serpentine lines from left to right until the bottom is reached.

Step 5:

5. At this point in time, do a quality check of how you have done so far. Is everything good to go, move to the next window (GOOD JOB). However, there might be still some smaller untreated streaks. In this case, use either an old newspaper or a leather cloth to do the touch-ups.

Step 6:

6. Windows clean, but hold on… Have you forgotten something? Correct, the fame of the window also likes a good cleaning. To illustrate better, in case of rain the dirty frame water runoff will guarantee ruin your windows in a heartbeat. That’s not what we have signed up for when you put all the sweat into cleaning the windows so nice. Please use regular cloths to clean the frames thoroughly.

Step 7:

7. Well Done, please read further in case some stubborn spots do exist. These would need prior treatment before cleaning the windows.

How to remove stains from glass window


In case you are a smoker, nicotine attaches itself very quickly to the window. A thin yellow looking layer reflects that it is time to get rid of it. The best is to make a black tea and use it to expel these stubborn nicotine stains forever (see: clean fat spots for more details)


When the kids touch the windows/glass doors by their hand very quick fat spots attach to the glass. The same happens when cooking, fat splatters all over the kitchen tile and windows. By the same token, the best way to get rid of these spots is black tea. Boil a cup of black tea (with 2 bags) and let it soak for around 10-15 minutes. After this, add the tea into an empty bucket with some additional water in it. Use an old cloth to wipe in a circular motion on the desired areas until the glass shines again.


A lot of times, attached insects or bird poop does try out so quickly that it is very hard to clean. For this, get your ceramic field hob scraper into action. Do under no circumstances use a razor blade or a knife as it will scratch the window. Use only a hob scraper to remove all the stubborn insect/bird-poop. Upon successfully removing these stubborn spots, you can start with the regular window cleaning routine as described further up in this article.



In many parts of the world, this has become a wide-known problem for many households when lime or calcium is in their immediate environment or be found in high amounts inside the tap water.

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