Top 32 Feng Shui Mistakes – Avoid these Scary Pitfalls


Stop making these Feng Shui mistakes as it will only bring misfortune and struggle into your life. Therefore, I have summarized a comprehensive list to show you what NOT to do.

Unquestionably, it will help to understand and avoid pitfalls that can invite bad luck into your home. On the other hand, it will improve your overall luck dramatically. Who wouldn’t like this, right?

1. Apply the Bagua Map not correctly


All in all, it is all too common that most people misapply the Bagua Map to their floor-plan. Many well-known blogs explain in a total wrong way of how to apply the Bagua Energy Map to your house. Seeing that, please do yourself a big favor and start studying a little bit more before jumping the gun too early. The correct Bagua Map is the key to success when it comes to Feng Shui.

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2. Place a Water Features (Fountain) at the wrong place


In Black Hat Feng Shui, it is told that the South-East Corner is your Money-Corner. For the proper energy to be activated, it needs a water feature such as a fountain or a Waterfall Painting.

Stop right here! In good Feng Shui, your money corners can be located anywhere inside the home. To activate a water feature in the wrong area could actually activate negative energy that sits in this sector.

It is essential to realize that a home can have up to FOUR different money corners. The star energy from the Classical Bagua Map (Lo Shu Magic Square) will tell where to look.

If you place water features in the correct area, it can create very powerful energy for you. On the negative side, if you put water in the wrong area, it can make things worse. In case you start to notice that life becomes more unstable with a lot of hick-ups, please turn the water feature off. The chance that negative energy was activated is high in such cases.

Finally, avoid placing an aquarium inside the kitchen or bedroom. A fish tank is a Yang Feature that is too active for a Yin place such as the bedroom. Fire and water do not get along. This is why a fish tank and kitchen will clash based on the 5 Element Theory.

3. To Apply Enhancements into the wrong Energy Sector

Each Flying Star has a different Element (Water, Fire, etc.), which you need to be aware of. Let’s assume that in the 5/2 Star Section (see above Map), you add more Earth Elements such as clay pots to it. This action from you will further enhance the negative Energy, as 5/2 are both considered an Earth Element. To emphasize, it is of utmost importance to have a full understanding of the 5 Element Theory for correct and proper placements.

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4. Apply the Cures & Enhancements Not Right Away

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Most of the time, the implementation of the Feng Shui cures are not done right away. If you do it by yourself or got our Feng Shui Audit done, a step by step approach is often noticed by us. We strongly advise against this method, as it will not work well.

If you only remedy part of the house, all the good energy will not be useful to its fullest potential. On the other hand, bad energy still exists with its full power to attack. To summarize, once you are ready to apply, the Feng Shui placements do it without delay.

5. Doing Feng Shui Placements Just One Time only

Feng-Shui-one time

Please do not think that the first placement works forever inside your house. As the star energies do move year by year, you need to adjust the placements on an annual basis. Even though if you do the cure/remedy placements properly, many keep forgetting over time that you need to invest more work into the Feng Shui placement. It would be best if you worry about the annual placements before February 4 of every year.

A common belief of many people is that it will work indefinitely. Sorry to say, but this is not the case. The annual energy moves and affects different sections of the home each year.

6. Follow the Black Hat Feng Shui


No doubt that the trendy westernized version of Feng Shui is easy to apply. May I ask if you have looked up the meaning of “Black Hat” in a dictionary? To explain, it says, “a bad person, a criminal, any person bad in nature.” Why would you trust such a Version of Feng Shui?

It is easy to notice when the Black Hat Feng Shui is practiced. If a consultant or webpage never mentions a compass direction or the Feng Shui house facing, the alarm bell should ring. Every home has its special blueprint, like we humans having our unique fingerprint. None of them are ever the same. This uniqueness also applies to every house on earth.

7. To Think that the Front Door is always the Facing of the Home


If somebody tells you that your front door is always considered the home facing direction, be aware as this is not always correct. Many times, the facing of the house is different.

Please read: Feng Shui Facing Direction

8. Give Wrong Advice to Friends / Family


If you are not a properly trained Classical Feng Shui Consultant, please don’t try to give any advice to friends or family. There are so many exemptions to the rules. On the internet, over 90% of the information is incorrect. How can you be sure if it is correct or not?

Before you harm a loved-one, step back and refuse. Remember, you might have to take responsibility if things go wrong.

9. The Size of the Cure does Matter


In Feng Shui, the bigger and heavier the cure/enhancer objects, the better it is. If you have an inauspicious star in an area, a small lucky talisman or coin will not help to neutralize the energy. On the opposite side, if you like to enhance your luck to its highest, place big objects in the area. Without reservation, success and prosperity will be with you.

10. Feng Shui only works in combination with your personal actions


Three different kinds of lucks decide your destiny. Feng Shui, our Earth-Luck, will only work if your personal actions (Mankind-Luck) do align. To illustrate better, your personal actions need to have the will for change. If you like to stay healthy, eat right, and avoid junk food.

Even if the best energy exists in your kitchen, Feng Shui will not work. Feng Shui can help to find better quality food or other ways to improve your health. Please do not rely solely on Feng Shui without a personnel change from your side.

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11. Take a Wrong Compass Reading


A Feng Shui compass reading should be done either by yourself or by a Feng Shui Consultant. Please do not rely on google map or other online resources. For the reading to be most accurate, go to your home facing direction. Step 1 -2 meters away from the house and look out for any metal inference.

12. To Think that Feng Shui is the Holy Grail


Please remember that a lousy house remains is still bad, after all. Even the best Feng Shui cures cannot help if major structural issues do exist.

To demonstrate, if a big cell phone tower is located right next to your home and transmitting EMF energy night and day into the house, you have a big problem. There is no Feng Shui cure that is so powerful to overcome such a big obstacle.

13. Apply the Bagua Map to your Garden Area


It is essential to realize that you can only apply the Feng Shui Flying Star inside the home. It is not suitable for the outdoors, like the garden. The most compelling evidence lies in the fact that energy moves and reacts differently on the outside. The over 2000 years old Form School in Feng Shui should be asked for correct garden design. You will find the most question and concerns answered if one follows its rules. 

14. To face the door with your back

It does not matter if it is the home office, the study desk, or the dining room table, try always to face toward the door. If you sit with your back toward the door, unexpected events can happen, which can take you by surprise. Also, more good Qi Energy flow will come to you.

15. To Place a Mirror that Faces the Bed

In ancient China, people believed once they fall asleep, their spirits leave the body. Once it sees itself in a mirror, a shock is a result to cause a confused mind. Of course, this is just a myth as, in reality, the placement of the mirror facing a bed has more to do with our body functionality during sleep

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16. Avoid Poison Arrows (Sharp Objects)


Regardless if it is inside or outside of the home, try to avoid anything that is sharp in its form. The “Poison Arrow” creates negative energy that can harm you. Try to smoothen or block them as needed. To illustrate, it is like a sharp knife that hits you over and over again. No doubt that this can’t be very good for you.

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17. Wrong Use of the Bagua Mirror

feng shui bagua mirror big

In case a Bagua Mirror needs to be installed, it should always be on the outside of the home. Never think about it to place it indoors. The most common place is above the door or a window. The mirror reflects the Early Heaven Trigram, which says to guard and protects you from bad Sha Qi Energy.

Although the mirror looks beautiful as a home accessory, it is very harmful if placed indoors. A common myth says that the mirror is the almighty protector against destructive energy; this is not true. For that reason, other measures need to be taken and considered to protect the home against bad energy influences. 

18. Different Floors throughout the House


In Feng Shui, the Universal Ta Ji is considered as Heaven, Man, and Earth. The home reflects the Earth aspect, which needs to be stable and dependable. Different kind of flooring creates a loss of the strength of the house.

19. Feng Shui should never cause Chaos / Conflict


Feng Shui Master Joey Yap wrote in his blog a great example of what Not to do. A person approached him to rescue his marriage. What happened was that a Feng Shui Consultant told this man to separate the bedrooms. He and his wife are in different Groups (East / West – 8 Mansion Theory). The wife threatened to stop cooking and lost total faith in Feng Shui.

It is essential to realize how not a Feng Shui research or Audit should end up. Of course, no home will be ever perfect – this is based on the Yin & Yang Theory of the Universe. We have to find a suitable solution that works for all.

20. Paint the Bedroom in a Strong Color


The bedroom is a place to rest and is mainly Yin based. For a good night’s sleep, you should choose a smooth and relaxed wall paint. What happens if you add a Fire-Red or intense Pink to your bedroom? At this point, restless nights without much sleep is one of the outcomes.

21. Keep your Own Decorating Style

Feng Shui own style

Do not transform your home into an Asian Temple, unless you like the style. Feng Shui can be applied to any household regardless of the culture or decoration style. It is not necessary to have Chinese Luck Symbols placed all over the home. Anything that takes care of the 5-Elements will do the job. 

22 – 26. Wrong Bed Placement

Here are some guidelines for the bed and how to place it the correct way:

  • Never let your feet face straight toward the door. This sleep direction is considered the “Death-Position”.
  • Have a solid wall behind the bed. It gives you stability in life. If this is not possible, have at least a solid headboard.
  • Do not sleep under a wall slope or beam, since it will create pressure in your life
  • Avoid that the bathroom door faces the bed. In this case, sickness and health issue can develop
  • Likewise, the bed should never be placed on a toilet or kitchen wall as health issues do arise.

27. Paint the Front Door in Red or other Bright Colors

In Flying Star, we have to worry about the annual and monthly stars. In case a not so auspicious star visits the front door, the color red can further enhance bad luck. With this in mind, our advice is to use a neutral color, which is always a safe choice.

28 – 32 Avoid these Kitchen Mistakes


The kitchen is where your health is generated. Of course, good food means that your body stays healthy at all times:

  • Keep at least 60 cm between the stove and the fridge. It avoids a clash between the Water and Fire Element
  • Do never paint the kitchen wall in red or have red cabinets. This will further enhance the Element of Fire
  • Never have the kitchen in the center or the Northwest section of the home. Since the center is the heart of the house, it will create bad luck for everybody.
  • Next, the Northwest section of the home belongs to the father or patriarch of the household. As this area belongs to the Metal-Element, the Fire Element from the kitchen will weaken and destroy the metal (5 Elements Theory). For the father, a lot of struggles in his job and daily life are the result.
  • If the Main Door faces the Kitchen stove, then the incoming Qi-Energy will be destroyed by strong Fire (Stove). Add a divider screen or a big piece of furniture to block it
  • A Toilet should not face the Kitchen as this brings health issues with it


Yes, there are so many rules that you need to take into consideration to avoid all the common Feng Shui mistakes. In case you need professional help, you can always hire a good Feng Shui Consultant for a home audit.

2 thoughts on “Top 32 Feng Shui Mistakes – Avoid these Scary Pitfalls

  1. Ana Maria says:

    Hello, thank you for the information, I have a doubt, it is said that when taking into acount how to manage our objects we have to #1 check its substance, #2 its shape and #3 its color. I have a big (1×2) Wood table in the kitchen, it is shaped like a rectangular (Wood) but it is all light yellow (Earth) it is like a big yellow rectangular in the corner, which element the table is? Also I have a rectangular stand made out of steal but painted in black (Metal+Water+Wood) what element is that stand? I am stuck right now…please, help us…

    • Wundertips Team says:

      thank you very much for your comment. To answer your questions:
      1. The table is a Wood Element as the substance = material is made out of wood, and the shape is rectangular, which also belongs to the Wood Element. The light yellow color does not influence or play any role here. We can conclude the kitchen table belongs to 100% to the WOOD Element
      2. For your steel stand, the color black again is overruled and should not be put into consideration for any element. The only two things we have to focus on is the substance (steel) and the shape (wood). If the stand is heavy, the main focus is on the material. Therefore, the stand belongs to the METAL Element with just a slight influence of wood. I would say 90% Metal and 10% Wood. In your case, please see the steel stand only as a Metal Element.

      I hope I have lifted your confusion. If you have any questions, please let me know.

      All the best,
      Oh 🙂

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