Fantastic Italian Tiramisu Original Recipe

Tiramisu Original Recipe

Do you remember how good you felt when you tried an excellent Tiramisu? Well, with my Italian Tiramisu original recipe you will be able to enjoy this amazing dessert anytime you want at home. The most important part of this recipe is that I use Tiramisu original ingredients.

What is Tiramisu?

It is an iconic dessert, quite well-known in Italy. It was born in a small town near Venice and is considered one of the best Italian desserts. The word Tiramisu first appeared in 1980, and since then, the fantastic dessert took over Europe.

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In order to make an original Tiramisu, you will need to use mascarpone cream cheese and espresso coffee. For this recipe, you cannot substitute with another cream cheese. Typically, for Tiramisu, we also use liquor, but if you are going to serve it to kids, you should skip it.

Combine Tiramisu with a good espresso coffee flavor

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Even though it is fairly easy to make Tiramisu, there are a few things that are good to have in order to make your life a bit easier. That being said, let’s take a look over the utensils we are going to use.

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You will need a good electric stand mixer or an electric hand mixer, a coffee grinder, an espresso coffee machine (maker), two big bowls (in case you use a stand mixer you will need one big bowl), a spatula, a ceramic or glass pan, a sifter, and an egg yolk separator (optionally).


  • 24 savoiardi ladyfingers
  • 500 gr mascarpone cream cheese
  • 300 gr espresso coffee
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 70 gr cognac
  • 4 medium eggs
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Aluminum foil


  1. First, prepare the coffee. Choose your favorite espresso coffee beans and use the coffee grinder to grind your coffee.
  2. Once you receive your espresso coffee in a powder form, use your espresso-making machine to brew the coffee. Then, mix in the cognac and set aside to cool.
  3. Moving on, you will have to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. This part is a bit tricky as the egg whites should not have even a hint of yolk, or else the recipe will fail. If you are unsure of your separating skills, then use an egg yolk separator.
  4. Now, using your electric stand mixer whip the egg whites until you reach stiff peaks. Be very careful when doing this as it is very easy to go from stiff peaks to butter.
  5. Next, put the egg yolks in a bowl with the sugar and mix until you receive a smooth, pale mixture. For this, you can use a hand mixer or a whisk.
  6. Then, add the mascarpone to the egg yolks mixture and mix carefully until the cheese is fully incorporated.
  7. Take this cheese-egg yolk cream and using the spatula, slowly mix it into the egg whites. Here you need to be careful and do soft, circular movements, so you do not lose the air you have created in the egg whites.
  8. Now, you remember that espresso coffee you brewed? It is time to use it. Transfer the coffee in a bowl and dip the savoiardi ladyfingers one by one into the coffee. It is essential not to dip them for long as they will crumble.
  9. Place one savoiardi ladyfinger next to the other in a ceramic or glass square pan. Depending on the size of the pan, I’ve used a 19×30 cm; the first layer should consist of 12 savoiardi ladyfingers.
  10. Once you make sure that there are no spaces between the savoiardi ladyfingers, spread carefully half of the cream.
  11. Dip the rest of the savoiardi ladyfingers into the coffee and make another layer on top of the cream.
  12. Spread the rest of the cream and cover with aluminum foil.
  13. Place the pan in the fridge for 4 hours.
  14. Before you serve, sprinkle cocoa powder on top of each piece using a sifter. The reason why you must do this now is that if you sprinkle the cocoa powder before placing the Tiramisu in the fridge is that it will lose its taste and compromise the whole dessert. 

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