how to apply eye shadow like a pro
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How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro – Tips for Beginners

author oh

August 23, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

Home>Hair / Beauty Tips, Skincare Tips>How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro – Tips for Beginners

How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro – Tips for Beginners

author oh

August 23, 2020

StyleHairCare Team

how to apply eye shadow like a pro

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How to apply eyeshadow like a pro is not as simple as it seems. Please use our step by step eyeshadow tips for beginners to become beautiful. When a woman applies the make-up around her eyes, it normally should boost and support the overall beauty of the face. Unfortunately, many women do not do it correctly causing quite a mismatch with the other make-up applied such as Maskara, eyeliner, or lipstick.

All make-up being applied needs to be in great harmony with each other. The make-up and face must become one. I will explain in a very few and simple eyeshadow tips for beginners of what matters the most, and How to apply eyeshadow like a pro for the perfect eyeshadow style that’s suits you. Make the right choices of shades, style, and brushes.

Always remember, a good eyeshadow completes a perfect make-up

How to apply eyeshadow like a pro

Eyeshadow is part of the daily make-up routine for most women using make-up. It is used to highlight the color of the eyes to become brighter and bigger looking. Besides, it will bring more depth into the eyes making them shine like the sun.

Eyeshadow tips for beginners No 1: Be aware of your own eye color

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The number one and most eyeshadow tips for beginners is to know your own eye color and what shade expresses the eyes the most:

  • Blue Eyes: The best complementary color are either rose or fine pastel shades to bring the eyes to shine. Also, a golden shade is suitable for extraordinary festivities as gala dinners, parties, or dates.
  • Brown Eyes: Light purple, plum, or violet shades round up perfectly every brown eyes. Do not add any funky shades like bright red as it will make the eyes look exhausted.
  • Green Eyes: A nice light red (not too bright), rose, or light purple shades go well with every green eyes. Please avoid any blues as it will overtone the green eye.
  • Grey Eyes: Grey Eyes love pink tones as well as red, and plum. A nice contrast will highlight the else so boring grey tone.

Eyeshadow tips for beginners No 1: Choose the correct form: Powder, Cream, or Pencil

There are four different variations to apply a product to your eyeshadow. You should be aware of the differences and choose the kind that fits the best with your overall look as this is how to apply eyeshadow like a pro is being done.

Eyeshadow Powder

The powder version is by far the most common and widely used way to apply to your eyeshadow. The powder comes in a pressed or loose form. Overall, the pressed powder is more often used as it is very easy to apply. On the other side, the loose powder is quite hard to apply and needs a lot of attention to detail. Otherwise, the powder ends up all over your clothes or face.

eyeshadow tips for beginners: the loose powder is much more intense in its color compared to the pressed powder

Eyeshadow Cream

The eyeshadow cream is very long-lasting in its form and also comes in a wide range of different colors. To prevent the cream from smearing, you need to apply some powder before applying the cream. As the cream takes a long time to dry completely, please make sure to apply it on dry skin only.

It is quite difficult to find any matt version of the cream as most of them contain glitter particles. The result is a shiny looking eye that does not fit every style. You can use your fingers or a cosmetic sponge to apply the cream directly.

Eyeshadow Pencil

This is by far the most practical form of an eyeshadow applicator. The pencil has some unbeaten advantages over the others:

  • On the Go: Very easy to apply when outside of your home or traveling.
  • Contact Lens: In case you are wearing contact lenses, the pencil is safe as no powder or cream might irritate the eyes
  • Sharpener: The pencil is very creamy in its consistency, but need to be sharpened from time to time.

On the contrary, blending different colors with a pencil is not that easy. It takes a lot of practice to do it right. As the powder version is more suitable if you choose to blend different colors.

Eyeshadow tips for beginners No 1: Choose the correct eyeshadow brushes

If you want to apply eyeshadow like a Pro correctly, the right choice of tools brings either success or failure. You need four basic brushes to round up the perfect make-up:

  • A flat and narrow brush will bring more depth into the eye
  • Round or wide brushes are used to apply the base color
  • Thin and very fine brushes are for precise techniques to round up the overall make-up. You can draw smaller shadow lines with this brush very well
  • Bushy or Blending Brushes are the most important. With the long bushy bristles, you can make a perfect and smooth transition of two colors.

How to apply eyeshadow like a pro step by step

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As you have already learned the important basics by now, it is time to tell you how to apply eyeshadow like a pro step by step correctly:

Step 1: The Base – Good Primer

Before applying the eyeshadow, it is essential to have a solid foundation base. You can either use a shadow primer or concealer. The purpose of this is to let the eyeshadow last longer on your skin and avoids smaller wrinkles around the eye. Two important points to consider:

  1. Apply the base always from the upper eyelash line towards your eyebrows
  2. Always use a lighter shade primer as your own skin tone. Never use the same or a darker shade as your skin is.

Step 2: Add Depth to the Eye

In this step, a darker eyeshadow shade is used to give the eye more depth. Apply with a fine brush, onto the eye crease, starting from the outer corner of the eye moving inwards. Apply until a natural shade is visible. Also, in the upper and lower eyelash lines, the darker shade can be applied to make the eyelashes look thicker.

Step 3: Add the Basis Shade

At this step, the lighter base shade is applied to the eyes. Depending on the occasion (formal, casual) choose the right color and apply very gently on the entire movable eyelid. Be careful that nothing gets into your eyes. Also, pay attention to have a smooth transition from the darker shade as explained in step 2. Once the whole eyelid is covered, it makes the eyes more shiny and bright.

Final Step: Add dimensions & set accents

A darker shade is applied to the outside corners of each eye. Use a flat and narrow brush to press the eyeshadow very well onto the eyelid and blend on the edges. To visually make the eyes open, bigger and more awake, use a light shade (slight glitter also ok) at the inner corners of the eye by dabbing the brush very gently in these areas. Finally, use a concealer to highlight the eyebrow arches.

Optional: Adding more than one shade

The above steps work very well with either one or two shades. There is always the same concept to apply the primer first, followed by the base color and adding a darker shade to the base.

Final Word

If you are still a newbie, our short eyeshadow tips for beginners guide on how to apply eyeshadow like a pro might come very handy for you. Please go to a cosmetics store for some color shade inspirations and ask advice from an experienced sales staff. The color of your eye needs to complement with the overall make-up to make your beauty shine like a model.

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