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Vaseline Dry Serum whitening Deodorant 50ml


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70 in stock

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Vaseline deodorant dry serum for underarm whitening

  • A lightweight dry cream
  • Nourishes skin with Vitamin B3 and Collagen extract
  • Serum goes up to 20 layers deep into the skin for ultimate brightening
  • 48 h antiperspirant deodorant for a pleasant and long-lasting smell
  • Removes dead skin cells that deep-lying skin cells

Manufacturer: Vaseline
Brand Name: Dry Serum Ultra whitening
Unit weight: 50ml
Version: Dry serum cream

Dead skin cells that cause black spots and dullness are deeply embedded in the deeper skin tissue cells. The active ingredients of the Vaseline Dry Serum will attack right here and there as it can reach this deep into the skin cell layers. The deodorant is smooth and gently and, therefore, suitable for all skin types. Besides providing a protective layer to keep the skin bright and radiant, the Vaseline deodorant dry serum also adds moisture and nutrients to eliminate the skin’s dullness.

after your daily cleaning of the underarm, apply twice daily for fast whitening result or once daily to maintain a radiant underarm skin

Vaseline Dry Serum whitening Deodorant 50ml

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