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Rexona whitening deodorant Roll On 50ml


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88 in stock

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Rexona advanced whitening roll on for underarm

  • Rexona underarm whitening in 7 days due to MotionSense Formula
  • Brightens and smoothens underarm at the same time
  • With Vitamin C and E for pigment lightening
  • With sunflower seed oil for moisturizing benefits
  • Gently sweat and odor control

Manufacturer: Rexona
Brand Name: Advanced Whitening
Unit weight: 50ml
Version: Deodorant

The Rexona whitening deodorant roll on contains a high concentration of Vitamin C and E to whiten unpleasant dark skin pigments or so-called dark spots. These are very common and can happen naturally over time. Of course, it can drag down your confidence and beauty as the sight of darker areas at the underarm is seen by the general public as a poorly groomed body appearance. Further, skin irritation could also occur due to damaged skin cells. The sunflower seed oil extract will help to moisturize the deep skin layers and gradually whitens away any dark spots in 7 days. Maximum protection of an astounding smell is guaranteed to let you stay happy and fresh the entire day.

apply the Rexona advanced whitening roll on as needed after your regular washing routine one dry and clean underarm skin

1 x Rexona whitening deodorant Roll On 50ml

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