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Asantee Papaya Soap 135g (Lightens Face, Body)


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33 in stock

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Papaya skin lightening soap – A brighter, glowing face in days

  • Made from natural extracts of papaya
  • Nourishes skin with vitamins
  • Soften and cleanses the skin
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • A brighter and even white skin tone

Manufacturer: Assantee
Brand Name: Papaya
Unit weight: 135g
Efficacy: skin bleaching, moisturizing
Version: Soap
Suitable for Body and Face

The Payapa Extract allows the skin to be more radiant from the first use. It helps to:

  • reduce the appearance of dark spots,
  • heal scars to fade.
  • Get rid of bacteria that cause acne.
  • The Payaya Soap is made from natural extracts.

The special feature is to help to gently lighten the skin tone, reduce dark spots until they completely disappear. The soap leaves a soft, moisturized skin behind. Further, it cleanses out gently all dead skin cells leaving only a sparkling pure white skin that shines brightly. After exfoliating, the new skin will obviously be very white. It helps to heal stretch marks and remove dark spots.

Check if your skin has blisters. If yes do not use until completely healed.
After wetting the skin, apply the soap to your wet hand and gently massage the foam for around 3 minutes.
Rinse afterward with clear water.
Repeat twice daily

Delivery Content : 1X135g Asantee Papaya Soap

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