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Smooth E White Babyface Foam 120g (Sensitive Skin)


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99 in stock

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Babyface foam from Smooth E for sensitive and allergic skin

  • Ph-balanced and Hydroallergenic formula
  • Non Ionic and soap free
  • SLS free formula for whiter and cleaner skin
  • Can be used even on sensitive skin
  • Vitamin E content to repair body tissues

The Smooth E white babyface foam is a product you will definitely love. It is SLS free, hypoallergenic, and with a balanced pH in order to not irritate the skin. Those attributes make it suitable for every skin type. It is rich in natural tocopherol (Vitamin E), having more than 50% content, to make the skin softer and moist. Also, it utilizes the power of melawhite from Switzerland, which will make your skin white in a natural way. Vitamin E will promote the body’s tissue repairing process, slow down the aging by inhibiting free radicals’ action, and protect the healthy cells of the skin.

The babyface foam has a non-foaming action; This means that it doesn’t produce foam, which can actually harm your skin if not cleaned properly. That is a unique benefit as the excessive foam will make all pollutants, dead cells, and oil to become one with the cream and dry once again on your skin. Smooth E white babyface foam will also make your face look younger as it will fight acne and help normalize the oil production of the sebaceous glands without causing irritation or leaving any residue.

Babyface foam directions:

  • As face washing is the first step for a healthier skin, no one should skip it. Clean the face with gentle, circular motions. Harsh rubbing will cause even more wrinkles.
  • Take a portion of the foam and pat it gently on your face.
  • Clean your face once more and pat it dry with a cloth.
  • Never be too harsh while washing the face, as this practice can irritate it, causing even more issues.
  • Glowing, whiter, young, nourished, moisturized, and wrinkle-free skin? Now it can be done with Smooth E white babyface foam.

Package Content of the babyface foam:
1X Smooth E white babyface foam 120g


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