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Melasma Face Wash: Smooth E White Babyface Foam


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Smooth E Anti Melasma and White Babyface Foam

  • fades away any blemishes in an instant
  • Use only 4 weeks for all melasma spots to dissapear
  • All natural and gentle face wash
  • Suitable for even sensitive skin
  • Enjoy a smooth and even skin tone

The Melasma face wash from Smooth E is the perfect treatment to remove all blemishes, dark spots, and melasma related skin spots. The dermatologist-tested and all-natural “Alpha Arbutin” formula helps to fade away uneven skin tones in under four weeks. The face wash comes in a non-ionic version, which does not cause any allergic reactions to sensitive or allergic skin. Indeed, once using the Melasma face wash, your skin becomes smoother, more even once touching it. The Alpha Arbutin Complex is produced in Switzerland according to the highest standards to nourish the skin with a natural extract mix of Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Enjoy a wrinkle free and bright face without worrying about dullness. The facial foam is perfect for a makeup base to strengthen your skin’s health further. Also, it will regenerate and moisturizes while deep cleansing away any impurities. The smooth texture of the foam provides a transparent white look. Please be aware that the Melasma face wash is not foamy at all as the “non-soap allergy-free formula does not contain any soap base ingredients as commonly found in regular facial foam washes.

Direction of use:
Wash your hand before adding some of the face wash onto it. Gently massage the Smooth E on your facial skin and let the texture absorb for around one or two minutes. Once finished, rinse out with clear water

Package content:
Choose your size of 1 oz, 2 oz, or 4 oz of Smooth E Anti-Melasma & White Babyface Foam

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