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Garnier Brightening Foam (Face Wash) 100g


88 in stock

88 in stock

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Garnier Light Complete Super Foam for skin brightening

  • Saturated with Vitamin C and Yuzu lemon
  • Contains zero alcohol
  • Eliminates dullness without drying your skin
  • Tested by expert dermatologists
  • Succulent looking skin after the first wash
  • Adherent to all skin types
  • Comes in a 100g tube allowing you to use it severally

If you’ve been looking for a solution to your dull or hard facial skin, Garnier Brightening Foam offers an effective solution. As superb as Garnier foam is, it has little to no side effects as it contains Yuzu lemon and Vitamin C extracts making it adherent to all skin types. To further accentuate that it goes with all skin types, endeavor to know that it has been dermatologically tested and has been found to contain zero alcohol. The absence of alcohol allows for gentle deep cleansing seamlessly and soothingly. You should be quite concerned about which skincare products you use, especially for your face. The facial skin is quite sensitive; the more reason you should take extra caution as using the wrong product can be quite detrimental. The Garnier Light Complete Super Foam is indeed the right choice to go with!

How to use the Garnier Light complete brightening foam

  • To achieve maximum results, squeeze a pea-sized lump of the Garnier Brightening Foam into your cupped palm and whip with your fingers slowly.
  • As you whip, add water to create a succulent and dense foam.
  • Massage gently and thoroughly on your face for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes.

Garnier will help you to achieve that baby-soft skin you have always desired

The denseness of Garnier Brightening Foam allows it to clear your skin’s hardness and dullness giving you smooth and succulent skin after you rinse your face.
The foam was manufactured to help you achieve a succulent skin you’ve always wanted. Plus, the natural extracts make it a less-invasive option as compared to other alcohol-saturated products.

Package Content:
1 x 100g Garnier Light complete brightening foam

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