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Whitening sun screen Nivea Protect and White SPF 50


88 in stock

88 in stock

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Nivea SPF 50 face sun screen for protection and whitening

  • Protect your face, get whiter, and enjoy a pink skin aura
  • Sun serum formula with SPF 50 (tropical strength)
  • Enjoy a more radiant and even skin tone
  • sun protection and black spot removal (2in1)
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Enjoy a revitalize pinkish looking skin

The whitening sun screen helps to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, which are very harmful to the skin and cause a speedy darkening. After applying the sunscreen cream, it, first of all, protects the skin with its SPF 50 PA and let the skin become more bright looking at the same time. Further, any dark spots and premature aging are battled due to a high injection of Nivea Aura natural extract formula of Vitamin E. The uniqueness of the Nivea SPF 50 face compared to other products because it contains the Licorice serum and Vitamin E that improves multiply times better for brightening the skin and evens the skin tone even you are doing a lot of activities under sun exposure. As the cream absorbs quickly into the skin, there are no issues to apply your make-up afterward using Nivea’s whitening sun screen.

Direction :
Before exposing the facial skin to the sun, apply the cream evenly over the skin. Make sure every part is covered and protected.

Content :
1 x 30ml whitening sun screen from Nivea Sun Protect & White 50 SPF


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