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Smooth E White Baby Face Cream (Sensitive Skin)


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Smooth E White Baby Face for sensitive and allergic Skin

  • Whitening cream for sensitive skin
  • With Melawhite natural extract from Switzerland
  • Restores skin cells and reduces melanin production (Anti Aging)
  • Helps to clear pores and reduces acne and oily skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • long-lasting safe results
  • Tested by dermatologist confirming this is a allergy-proof cream

The Smooth E White Baby Face cream for very sensitive skin is one of the view whitening solutions on the market. The Swiss Melawhite natural extract is clinically proven to be ultra-safe to use for people who have various skin issues. In case you have oily skin, acne-prone skin, or susceptible skin, the cream is the most suitable product for safe use. The natural Vitamin E helps to inject much-needed nutrients and moisture into the skin, making it more radiant, youthful, and smoother. During the day, the facial skin is exposed to many free radicals occurring in the environment, such as air pollution, excessive sweating, or dehydration of not drinking enough liquids.

Besides, the cream also contains Vitamin C, which gently evens the skin tone and eliminates any dark spots that are deep embedded into the cell structure. The Jojoba oil takes over the job to firm and smoothes the skin, as it is a fast-acting anti-aging natural remedy. Next, the Licorice extract reduces any inflammation, which is very common in sensitive skin. The Smooth E White Baby Face cream also compliments protection from the sun UV rays with its SPF 100 factor. A complex called micronized dioxide is a naturally occurring sunscreen reflector and does not cause any skin allergies or irritations.

Directions to use:
Use twice daily in the morning and evening by gently adding a small amount of the cream evenly to fully cover the facial skin for the best results.

Delivery Content:
Choose your size of 12ml or 30ml of Smooth E White Baby Face cream

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