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Pond White Beauty Night Cream 50 gm


40 in stock

40 in stock

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Ponds white beauty night cream

  • become white during your sleep
  • a night care cream to rejuvenate the skin during sleep
  • enjoy a ultra fine and smooth skin texture

Manufacturer: Ponds
Brand Name: White Beauty
Unit weight: 50 g
Version: Night

The Pond White Beauty Night Cream (50 gm in size) is the Ponds institute’s newest innovation. Due to its ten times Vitamin C injection during the night, a constant moisture supply keeps the face hydrated and takes care of any dry parts immediately. Using the cream for only a couple of days, a much more delicate skin texture is noticeable. The active ingredients also help promote blood circulation during the whitening process, leaving the skin radiant and brighter looking.

A maximum brightening result of the face is the desired outcome. Further, the Ponds white beauty night cream helps to fade any blemishes or dark spots in a blink of an eye. As the night cream’s texture is a little bit denser than the day version, it helps the dry skin glow in the dark in an instant. After all your daily activities, it is the perfect choice to let the skin rejuvenate, providing a younger, softer feel.

Direction :

In the evening, please purify your skin from all the day-long exposure of dirt inside the air. Apply the night cream on clean skin and let it absorb fully before going to bed.

Delivery content :
1x Pond White Beauty Night Cream 50 gm

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