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Loreal White Perfect Day Cream 50g (Oil-Free)


88 in stock

88 in stock

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White perfect day cream from Loreal for facial whitening

  • Oil-Free and light
  • Even skin tone due to Tourmaline Gemstone pebbles
  • Instant radiant aura since the first use
  • Fight 50x times Melanin with Melanin-Vanishtm Formula
  • SPF17 PA ++ sunblock
  • Premium cream with high-end ingredients list

After waking up in the morning, your skin needs much-needed moisture after doing your facial cleansing routine. The Loreal white perfect day cream is ideal for use after washing your face to brighten the skin tone, reducing dark spots, and adding all the needed moisture during the day. The cream is oil-free and very light on the skin. Therefore, it absorbs quickly and is even suitable for people with oily skin.The white perfect day cream comes with a premium ingredient list to rejuvenate your skin. The Melanin-Vanishtm formula is unique and patent by Loreal Laboratories Paris to say good-bye to aging and dark spots. What makes this cream so unique is its increased efficiency rate of 50-times compared to other creams.

Meaning, once applied, the white perfect day cream SPF 17 pa++ from Loreal speeds up the process for you to enjoy an even, dull-free skin tone in a matter of days. What would a day cream be without giving you this special radiant aura? The cream comes with Tourmaline Gemstone (pink gem tourmaline) pebbles that act like rose petals on your skin. A natural pinkish glow of shine and brightness will attract all the attention around you. Once you enter the stage, the time will stop as everyone around you applauds for this dazzling light look of yours.

How to apply:
Apply the Loreal perfect white day cream on your face and neck once in the morning after washing your face

Package Content:
1 x Loreal White Perfect Day Cream 50g


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