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Loreal UV Perfect Rosy White 50 SPF sunscreen (30ml)


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Loreal UV perfect sunscreen with SPF 50

  • With pearls for a pinkish skin tone
  • Ultra-strong UV protection of 50 SPF +
  • Anti-Aging ingredients to smoothen wrinkles
  • Freckle and dark spot remover for even skin tone

Who does not know Loreal, the famous cosmetic company from Paris, introduces an effective sunblock called Loreal UV perfect rosy white that also whitens while protecting the skin from the sun. As many of you might not like the snow-white look, this sunscreen evens out the skin tone but let it look naturally pink. You will be surprised by how quickly all the freckles and dark spots disappear from the face, and a pure pinkish glow of color is left behind. The new aura of your skin will suddenly open blocked doors as the beauty shines strong and bright. Yes, we can agree that as soon as you start using the Loreal UV perfect rosy white sunscreen, you can relax in the outdoors and just smile at the sun without and say,” How wonderful life is!”

How to use:
Apply some of the sunblock on your clean hand and apply evenly on the face. Let it absorb and dry for 10 minutes to enjoy the full protection

Inside the box:
1 x Loreal UV perfect rosy white 15ml or 30ml choice

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