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Loreal UV Perfect Even Complexion Sunscreen SPF 50 (30ml)


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Loreal Even Complexion sunscreen with SPF 50

  • very light textured sunscreen protection
  • special formula to even out irregular skin tones
  • corrects skin tone
  • sunblock with SPF 50
  • does not contain any alcohol base
  • gentle for the skin

The Loreal UV Perfect Even Complexion sunscreen comes with a powerful SPF 50 sunblock protection for the facial skin. The special formula does not only protect, but it also gently corrects any uneven skin tone. Uneven skin is mostly due to too much sun exposure or because of premature skin cell aging. The Mexoryl Filters from this sunscreen shield UVA’s sun rays and UVB of up to 12 hours. Therefore, you can spend relaxing on the outside without worrying too much. Your mind is always on ease as you know that the Loreal even complexion sunscreen is working for you and the facial skin the whole time. Further, the cream is enriched with Vitamin E and anti-oxidants that effectively acts as an anti-wrinkle agent deep inside the cells. As the sunscreen absorbs very quickly and adds the needed moisture, the skin does not feel sticky but rather refreshed.

How to use:
After washing the face and before applying make-up, apply the sunscreen protection on the facial skin. Let it absorb completely before heading outdoors

Inside the box:
1 x Loreal UV Perfect Even Complexion Sunscreen SPF 50 (Size: 15ml or 30ml)

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