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Garnier SPF 50 Super UV Whitening Sunscreen (30g)


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88 in stock

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Garnier Super UV Sunscreen SPF50+

  • A skin renewal formula for long-lasting moisturizing and healthy skin.
  • With anti-aging natural ingredients like Vitamin C for firm, smooth skin.
  • Extreme sunblock strength with SPF50+++, PA+++
  • Natural vitamins prevent the formation of wrinkles.
  • Enjoy whiter, more radiant skin that reduces blemishes and dark spots.

The Garnier Super UV Sunscreen SPF50+ comes with the exclusively licensed UV ray shield system. The brightening and protection complex is the most powerful and strongest protection formula currently available worldwide. Enjoy a long-lasting whitening injection while the cream forms a shield on the outer skin layers to block all UVB and UVA (UVA1) rays. Further, the natural vitamin C keeps the skin moist and prevents premature skin dryness, especially in highly polluted areas. The Garnier also helps to revitalize the skin from the inside out.

The Garnier SPF 50 Super UV comes with a patented formula with long-lasting moisturizing agents to keep the skin from drying out. As the cream has a very light texture, it will spread and absorb evenly into the skin cells, promoting a smoother, whiter, and more-radiant look. The powerful 50++ SPF sun protection provides extended coverage for up to 12 hours. If, for example, you are going to spend time in the outdoors, doing running activities or any form of outdoor entertainment, the sunscreen will superbly protect your skin. It not only protects, but it also works to restore already damaged skin cells from dullness and black spots. Enjoy an antioxidant Vitamin C injection to help battle anti-aging as well.

How to use:

Apply the Garnier SPF 50 Super UV around 20 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun.


1 x 30ml Garnier Super UV Sunscreen SPF50+


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