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Garnier Light Eye Roll On to lighten dark circles 50ml


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87 in stock

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Garnier brightening eye roll on to lighten dark bags

  • Fragrance Free (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Efficient roll on with Caffeine extracts and lemon extract
  • Provides a cool-down effect for the skin to relax
  • Reduces dark bags and lightens dark circles in days
  • Fragrance Free

Manufacturer: Garnier
Brand Name: Light Complete Eye Roll-On
Unit weight: 50 ml
Version: Roll-On for eye skin

Three Steps Formula:

  1. Step: Feel right away a great cooling sensation to battle puffy eyes
  2. Step: A more radiant, brighter skin that glows is visible
  3. Step: All dullness, dark circles and bags of the eye contour are reduced

The Garnier brightening eye roll on is directly applied underneath the eyes to provide instant cooling and revitalizing effect due to the lemon and caffeine extracts. The roll-on has natural ingredients from lemon to gently whiten away any dark circles or bags. The sensitive skin layers under the eyes can become dull due to too much stress or adverse effects on a person’s lifestyle. The cleverly designed head of the roll makes it very easy to reach every skin cell with ease. Bright glowing eyes and eye bags are already noticeable after a few applications.

The Garnier light eye roll on caffeine extract will increase the much-needed blood circulation to stimulate away dull-looking skin and bags under the eyes. During this process, the high concentration of lemon extract reduces the cells’ Melanin production to brighten it gently.

The serum feels non-sticky and makes the skin very comfortable. It is as being reborn again. The serum is also quickly absorbed by the skin for the natural ingredients to start its magic actions right away. Over the years, Garnier received proven expert results of the roll-on due to its efficiency and reliability.

After around 10 to 14 days using the Garnier light Eye roll on daily, the skin will become visible for brighter and shiny. Afterward, the dullness of the skin will fizz away, leaving only the brightest shininess behind. Please be aware that the results vary from person to person due to the different skin and environmental effects.

Direction :
Please wash your face underneath the eyes and apply with the roll on the necessary serum quantity, Let it dry and absorb into the skin

Content :
1 x 50 ml Garnier Light Eye Roll On

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