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Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening 250ml


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Vaseline healthy white skin lightening lotion

  • contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3) to nourish the skin
  • uplifting brighter skin in days
  • has powerful sun protection UV
  • with Vaseline special jelly formula which traps moisture inside the cells.

Manufacturer: Vaseline
Brand Name: Healthy White
Unit weight: 250 ml
Version: Body Lotion

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening with the essential nutrients of the multi-vitamin mix of B-3, C, E, and B1 helps the skin relax and become ultra smooth after only a few applications. The Vitamin B3 blocks very successfully the Melanin production, which is responsible for the skin to become dark. The triple-time sunscreen protection further rescues the body from becoming dark because of the sun.

The lotion comes with a unique jelly formula. No, it is nothing to eat as Vaseline jelly’s primary purpose is to deeply lock all the supplied moisture inside the skin cell. The lotion’s ingredients help the skin to become radiant and whiter looking from the inside out.

Another mostly overlooked fact is that due to too much sun exposure, the body skin starts to age very fast. The Vaseline healthy white skin lightening lotion counteracts it by applying a strong sun protection layer over the skin, preventing premature anti-aging. The Vaseline brand is dedicated to solving all the skin whitening problems women and men face for many years. Year after year, more sophisticated formulas are being introduced that even astonish skin experts over and over again.

Direction :
Before applying the lotion, please clean the body skin first for better performance

Content :
1 x 250 ml of Vaseline healthy white uv lightening 250ml

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