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Whitening sunblock Nivea sun daily white 50 SPF


88 in stock

88 in stock


Nivea Sun daily white sun cream with 50 SPF protection

  • Light-weighted lotion texture for freshness
  • 50 SPF sun protection
  • Enjoy an even skin tone
  • Moisturizing agents to keep skin healthy at all times

The whitening sunblock from Nivea sun daily white comes with a 50 SPF skin protection from the sun.The lotion comes with a 50-times Vitamin C of tropical lemon, injecting the nutrients into the skin to brighten it after the fourth day of use. Of course, treating dull skin and scars of all kinds are just two examples of the Nivea sun protection’s multiple purpose use. Many external factors are bombarding the human skin with damaging results. To name a few, air pollution is very high on the list, but also too much sun can create over time some serious skin discoloration (black or aging spots).

The beauty lies in a radiant and even-looking skin tone, which even shines bright hundreds of meters away. The secret why some females have just this jaw-dropping “aura” is because they take care of their skin at all times. One of the most selling sunscreens is the Nivea Sun daily white, which lets every skin look refreshed, renewed, and glowing radiantly.The product is also enriched with much-needed anti-oxidants ingredients to battle wrinkles, and premature skin uses effectively. Going out into the sun and not worrying about any unpleasant after-effects makes it even more fun to spend outdoors in nature.

Direction :
Apply the Nivea sun cream, as needed, evenly on the body or face skin to enjoy absolute protection

Content :
1 x 180ml Whitening sunblock Nivea sun daily white 50 SPF


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