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Nivea Lotion Vitamin C and A for skin whitening 180ml


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99 in stock


Nivea 50x Vitamin C and 100 times Vitamin B to lighten body skin

  • Nivea Lotion Vitamin C and A is an outstanding product with super vitamin A 100-times from Cherry mint.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce black spots and brighten dull skin.
  • It is absorbed quickly on your skin. Good use for both during day time and before bedtime.

Manufacturer: Nivea
Brand Name: Nivea C&A Vitamin Lotion
Unit weight: 180 ml
Version: Vitamin Lotion

Nivea introduces a brand new body lotion made out of an intense skin vitamin cocktail mix combining vitamin C and A to lighten the skin quickly. The Nivea 50x vitamin C lotion helps the skin color look white and consistent, and it reduces dark spots. Further, it brightens the skin within only seven days. Ipsos limited company conducted a satisfaction test on over 405 volunteers with great feedback.

Let us take a look and see how your skin will look white and glow naturally due to the four key ingredients of the lotion:

  • Vitamin A 100x – From Cherry mint for reducing your black spot skin problems.
  • Vitamin C – Boosts your uneven skin tone to be bright with glowing skin.
  • Grape Seed Abstract – Natural element for smooth and radiant skin.
  • UV Filter – Protect sensitive skin from extremely harmful sunlight.

Direction :
Apply after shower twice daily or before your outdoor activities.

Content :
1 x 180 ml of Nivea Lotion Vitamin C and A


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