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Citra Pearly White UV Body Lotion 400 ml


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Citra whitening body lotion with UV pearly white extract

  • Lighter skin in 7 days with beautiful white aura reflection
  • Contains 10-times Vitamin B3 and E extract
  • Korean-Pearl Essence let the whole body glow bright like your face!

The Citra Pearly White UV Body Lotion moisturizes the skin with its 10-times Vitamin B3 and E extract and instantly in one week brighten the body skin in a stunning and beautiful white aura. Yes, your body becomes your second face as the lotion fades away very quickly, any dark spots. The Korean pearl essence is 100% natural extracted from the ocean to give you a sparkling aura and let the skin become soft like a baby. It contains every angle a whitening product should have. Also, the pearls are an excellent collagen resource for the deeper-lying cells to rejuvenate itself.

Some of you might have a sun allergy when exposure it too much. Skin itching or red pimples are likely to pop up. The Citra whitening lotion becomes your guardian of the skin. Any dangerous UVA or UVB sun rays are bounced back so that no free radicals have a chance to attack you. Enjoy outdoors, your beach vacation, or your daily exercise, knowing that Citra Pearly White UV Body Lotion is right with you at all times. We should not forget that the pearls’ marine collagen is an effective anti-aging solution to keep the skin young, radiant, and wrinkle-free for a long time. The lotion will not stick and is sticky-free as all the ingredients will absorb into the skin very quickly into the deeper cell layers. No, it will not stay at the outer surface at all!

How to use:
After washing or taking a shower, apply the lotion once daily in the morning. If there is excessive sun outdoors, please cover skin with enough clothing for the lotion to work fully. Use throughout the day and reapply after swimming, showering, or excessive sweating due to sports activities.

Take a look at what you will get:
Citra Pearly White UV Body Lotion (150 or 400 ml)

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