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Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Cream: Formula N (Sensitized, Colored)


85 in stock

85 in stock

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Shiseido Hair Straightening Cream with Crystallizing Straight Alpha

If you like to straighten your hair at home, the Shiseido crystallizing straight set is suitable for sensitized, colored hair to leave your curly hair permanently straight like an arrow. The new innovative technology of Japanese Crystallizing technology leaves your hair shiny and healthy from the start. You do not have to worry anymore about any possible hair damage during the process, as the Alpha formula from Shiseido Japan takes care of it. Right after you finish, the presents of beauty will reflect from all angles. Looking at the mirror at your straight hair, you feel special, and happiness overcomes you.

The straightening kit is suitable for both females and males in a professional hair salon quality. Yes, if you are looking for a long-lasting, permanent change, the Shiseido crystallizing cream provides you a smooth, flexible hair with reduced volume. As the Shiseido hair straightening cream stands for its quality, you can be sure that a definitive and stunning result is guaranteed. Say goodbye to curly and frizzy hair for good. The cream texture settles deep inside your hair, shafts for the most perfect and defined result. The result is permanent until new hair strands develop. Please follow strictly our guidelines and instructions on how to straighten correctly to prevent hair breakage or hair loss. Many professional hair salons choose this line as it is trusted worldwide.

Package Content:
1x 125 ml Shiseido hair straightening cream
1 X 125 ml Shiseido neutralizer cream


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