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Schwarzkopf Glatt 0 – Hair Strait Creme Strong (120 ml, 400 ml)


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Schwarzkopf Strait Glatt 0 Cream for Very Curly, Fizzy Hair

  • XL Box with 120 ml or 400 ml content
  • For very curly hair
  • For natural fizzy hair
  • Permanent Hair Straightening Cream
  • Strong formula for resistant hair

The Glatt Schwarzkopf hair straightener cream formula “O” was invented to treat very curly hair. As natural curls are the most difficult to take care off, it needs some very strong but safe way to perform such a task. Schwarzkopf, one of the market leaders in hair, from Germany, had to come up with an idea to do so. The result was the market introduction of the brand new formula “O.”
Schwarzkopf stands for top-class German quality, and quality control is the highest on its agenda.

No doubt, the Glatt cream is the leader in professional hair salon supply around the world. Many millions of salons trust the quality of the products with a blink of an eye. What makes it even more astonishing is that certain lines of products are not accessible for general retail sale. We, from StyleHairCare, have worked hard to offer you the bestselling professional hair salon-quality of the Glatt cream strong.

The Schwarzkopf strait is an absolute must for all straight hair lovers. With this version you will, no doubt, get the best natural and smooth looking look anywhere else found. Don’t you like it when the hair is so soft and reflects this irresistible shine into the world? Welcome to the world of Schwarzkopf.

Also, the Keratin cannot be missing in protecting your hair during and after treatment. No doubt, the strong formula is quite a challenge for every strand, but thanks to the smart Protein injection, it naturally reduces fizziness and boosts the shine.

If you are not convinced, yes, the Glatt is permanent, and only every six months, the hair roots would need a new application. The reason is simple: by nature, our body lets new hair growth, and you would need to take care of the newly grown hair at some point. It is, by far, a straightening solution to perfection, guaranteeing durable and long-lasting results.

Easy to do at home
Yes, the Glatt hair cream is very easy to use at home. Simply, follow our step by step, in-depth instructions that do come with the package.

Introducing the Active Care Complex
The Strait Glatt cream was designed to permanently straighten very intense curly hair. The wheat-based formula takes all necessary nutrients the hair needs during the straightening procedure. Active stands for moisturizing the in-process drying out hair and actively adding so-called care-units into the hair. At the end of the day, you can impress your loved ones with such a healthy straight hair. Everyone will think you had spent a fortune at the hair salon as nobody would believe you have done it by yourself.

How to do hair straightening at home:
As we provide full English, German, and French instructions, we will not get too much into detail. A very quick summary:
Wash your hair with conditioning only
Get all your safety precautions in place.
Add the straight cream evenly onto the hair until fully covered.
In this step the apply neutralizer cream
Rinse out and do shampoo the hair for two to three days.
It might be very helpful if somebody can help you as it is quite a challenge to see if all the hair on the back of the head is nicely covering with the creams.

Please read all the instructions and warning before applying the cream to your hair.
Be sure and safe and apply an allergic test on your skin at least 48 hours before application. In case the skin area turns red, do not use it and ask your doctor for further treatment.

Package Content:
1 X 120ml Schwarzkopf Glatt Strong Straightening Cream
1 X 120ml Schwarzkopf Glatt Neutralizer Cream
English, German, French Instructions

Schwarzkopf Glatt Instruction to use:

Schwarzkopf Glatt (0): Use only for Normal, Curly, Frizzy (not more than 30%) Hair
Schwarzkopf Glatt Strong: Resistent and Very Curly Hair

Choose the developing time acording to your hair structure

Schwarzkopf (0):Chemically Untreated: 20 Minute Development Time – No Heat
Schwarzkopf Strong:Chemically Untreated: 20 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Schwarzkopf (0):Chemically Untreated: 25 Minute Development Time – No Heat
Schwarzkopf Strong:Chemically Untreated: 25 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Schwarzkopf (0): Chemically Untreated: 30 Minute Development Time – No Heat
Schwarzkopf Strong:Chemically Untreated: 30 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Do not wash your hair as the product needs to be applied to unwashed hair
Protect your areas of neck, ears with a skin cream


Devide your hair in 4 to 6 equals parts, beginning a the neck.
Devide the dry hair and working from section to section to apply sufficient quantity of Straightening Cream with a brush ro comb through, but do not rinse out. Distribute equally from root to ends
Fill a non-metallic bowl with the appropiate cream of ready to use straightening cream and apply carefully with a brush/comb, working from section to section (approx. 1 cm wide) at a distance of approx. 5 mm from the head. Comb through just once and carefully with a large-toothed comb

see above
The hair must be covered during the developing time. Please take into account the fact that the product is already starting to take effect during the application period and check progess after the specified minimum time has elapsed. Comb the hair once again with a large toothed comb, rinse out the straightening cream thoroughly and press out any excess moisture with a towel

If you prefer a hot straightening procedure using a ceramic straightening iron, starting from neck, divde the hair into 1cm wide sections. Straighten the individual sections in even strokes with the iron. Slide throught each strand appox. 1 or 2 times. Do not keep the iron in one place for more than 3 seconds
Schwarzkopf (0): Temperature of the iron: 150 C (ProHeat Setting 3)
Schwarzkopf STRONG: Temperature of the iron: 180 C (ProHeat Setting 4)

Fill up the applicator with ready to use Neutralizer Emulson using the same quantity as of the straightening cream used previously
Apply carefully working from section to section
Comb the hair and allow 20 minutes of developing time
Shampoo hair afterwards

Use a After Straightening Serum and leave it in for 3 minutes

For short or less curly hair do not use a hot iron and carry on with the treatment as a cold straightening version without using heat. The developing time can be extended by 5 minutes.

In the case of regrowth treatment, only treat the sections of the hair subject to regrowth (the roots). In this case the regrowth should amount at leat approx. 4 cm. Pay attention beforehand to thoroughly protecting the lengths and ends that have already been treated with the preparation cream


  • Product contains thioglycolate and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Avoid eye and skin contactWear gloves
  • Glatt is not recommened for bleached hair which is more than 30% highlighted or extremely porous
  • Do not use product if Hair Color contains metallic salt (normally with natural colors like Henna)
  • Do not use if your hair has been already treated with an alkali relaxer containing Sodium Hydroxide. This also applies to “Hydroxide-free” products containing POTASSIUM HYSROXIDE,
  • A repeat straightening procedure should be done earliest after one week
  • Do a strand test to test for allergy

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