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Loreal Xtenso Oil Trio Smoothing Cream Normal Hair (125ml, 400ml)


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Xtenso Oleoshape oil trio Smoothing Cream for Normal Hair

Yes, straight hair will make you look stylish and in trend. Be the trendsetter in your area, and wow everybody else with your beautiful hair. Also, the silky, shiny look highlights your natural face and makeup features. Say goodbye to old fashion curly hair.

The Loreal Xtenso Oil Trio Smoothing Cream is by far the best hair straightening creams on the market. Several magazines tested it as the ultimate one you can trust.
The straight cream ingredient has natural oils from almond, helping the fibers inside the hair structure to stay healthy during the procedure. No more dried out and damaged hair. The normal formula is suitable if your hair is in stress or being damaged by previous treatments.

Your benefits:
Suitable for chemical treated hair
Smooth and gentle for the hair
Silky and straight look

Quick Direction for the xtenso oleoshape oil trio smoothing cream for Normal Hair

  • Wash your hair with a neutral shampoo and dry your hair until slightly moist.
  • Put the  straight cream in a plastic bowl and apply evenly with a brush – Avoid any scalp contact
  • Leave the straight cream as indicated by the directions
  • If you have up to 80% dry hair, use a straight iron allowing the ceramide to penetrate inside the hair and seal the cuticle.
  • Apply the neutralizer cream and follow the developing times
  • During the next 2-3 days after treatment, avoid any hair blowing or shampooing as the hair needs to relax and gain strength again.
  • During the following two2 weeks, use high-quality shampoos and treatment hair masks
  • For complete instructions, please read: xtenso hair straight cream instructions


  • Keep away from children.
  • Wear gloves while using the creams
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin
  • Choose the right formula according to your hair type. For colored and bleached hair, please wait at least 15 days after coloring the hair before using the straightening cream. In this case, please use the xtenso straight cream for sensitive hair.
  • This product is not allowed to use if you have previously had skin allergies with this product.
  • Do not use when the scalp has wounds or anthropological conditions.
  • Neutralizing cream is required after straightening the hair with the cream to be smooth.

Package Content :
125 ml or 400 ml xtenso oleoshape oil trio smoothing cream – natural
125 ml 400 ml xtenso oleoshape neutralizer cream
English, German, and French instructions

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