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Loreal Xtenso Oleoshape Straight Cream – Sensitised (125ml, 400ml)


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Loreal X Tenso Smoothing Cream for Sensitized Hair

  • Premium Quality
  • A permanent solution that lasts a long time
  • Easy do it yourself at home

The L’Oreal xtenso smoothing cream for sensitive hair helps when the hair follicles are crumping up and causing scalp issues. One of the most causes is using too often hair dyes or other treatments.

Here is the good news: The Nutri-cationic technology of this straight cream kit version is a special formula to overcome further hair damages. As it is very gentle and tender on the hair during the straightening process, it leaves the hair beautiful with a silky shine fleshing in the light.

The xtenso oleshape straight cream is a perfect hair straightening at home solution without any much hassle or much preparation. It maybe takes 5 minutes to prepare everything, and the straightening treatment will not take more than one hour from start to finish. You are spending just a view dollars for this at-home kit compared to hundreds going to the salon.
Make sure that you are using the right formula for your hair. If in doubt, please send us a message for further assistance.

Put the soft cream in a plastic bowl and apply evenly on the hair without touching the scalp.
Use a comb to spread the product well.
Leave on for 15-20 minutes
then rinse thoroughly.
In the final step, apply the straightening cream to finish.
Read full instructions below

You may be allergic to any chemicals used in hair straightening creams. Please perform a hair chemical test before application causing unbearable irritation. Read more here
Avoid any skin contact as it might burn the skin
Make sure that you are using the right formula

Package Content :
1X 125 ml or 400 ml Loreal xtenso Hair Straightening Cream – Sensitized
1X 125 ml or 400 ml Loreal xtenso Neutralizer Cream
English, German, French instructions

Loreal x tenso oleoshape treatment Instructions:

Natural Resistant: (Purple Packaging)
Natural Hair: (Pink Packaging)
Sensitive Senitized: (blue packaging)

Choose the developing time acording to your hair structure

Natural / Resistant: (Purple Packaging)
FINE, NORMAL, THICK HAIR: 20-30 Minute Development Time – No Heat
Resistant HAIR:
FINE, NORMAL, THICK HAIR: 30-40 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Very Resistant HAIR:
FINE, NORMAL, THICK HAIR: 40-50 Minute Development Time – No Heat
Natural Hair: (Pink Packaging)
FINE, NORMAL, THICK HAIR: 20-30 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Sensitive Sensitized: (blue packaging)
FINE, NORMAL, THICK HAIR: 10-20 Minute Development Time – No Heat

Do not wash your hair as the product needs to be applied to unwashed hair
Protect your areas of neck, ears with a skin cream

Divide your hair in 4 to 6 equals parts, beginning a the neck.
Divide the dry hair and working from section to section to apply sufficient quantity of Straightening Cream with a brush ro comb through, but do not rinse out. Distribute equally from root to ends
Fill a non-metallic bowl with the appropriate cream of ready to use straightening cream and apply carefully with a brush/comb, working from section to section (approx. 1 cm wide) at a distance of approx. 5 mm from the head. Comb through just once and carefully with a large-toothed comb

see above
The hair must be covered during the developing time. Please take into account the fact that the product is already starting to take effect during the application period and check progess after the

specified minimum time has elapsed. Comb the hair once again with a large toothed comb, rinse out the straightening cream thoroughly and press out any excess moisture with a towel
Not recommended for Loreal XTenso Straight Creme

Fill up the applicator with ready to use Neutralizer Emulsion using the same quantity as of the straightening cream used previously
Apply carefully working from section to section
Comb the hair and allow 10 minutes of developing time
Shampoo hair afterwards

Use a After Straightening Serum and leave it in for 3 minutes

For short or less curly hair do not use a hot iron and carry on with the treatment as a cold straightening version without using heat. The developing time can be extended by 5 minutes.

In the case of regrowth treatment, only treat the sections of the hair subject to regrowth (the roots). In this case the regrowth should amount at leat approx. 4 cm. Pay attention beforehand to thoroughly protecting the lengths and ends that have already been treated with any kind of preparation cream


Product contains thioglycolate and Hydrogen Peroxide
Avoid eye and skin contact and wear gloves
Oleoshape is not recommended for bleached hair which is more than 30% highlighted or extremely porous
Do not use product if Hair Color contains metallic salt (normally with natural colors like Henna)
Do not use if your hair has been already treated with an alkali relaxer containing Sodium Hydroxide. This also applies to “Hydroxide-free” products containing POTASSIUM HYSROXIDE, LITHIUM HYDROXIDE, GUANIDINE CARBONATE
A repeat straightening procedure should be done earliest after one week
Do a strand test to test for allergy


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