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Loreal Xtenso Straight Cream – Extra Resistant (125ml, 400ml)


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Loreal X Tenso Straight Hair (Oleoshape) Cream – Formula EX1

  • For all-natural, curly, very resistant hair types

The new Loreal Xtenso straight cream, Paris a must-buy for all of you straight hair lovers. L’Oréal Professional, the world leader in hair fashion trends, suggest a straightening style like being a professional model on the cat-walk. Yes it is the latest trend that is back again and Loreal with its latest innovation in hairstyles: The xtenso Oleshape Straightening solution

With the latest technology, Nu Neatri-Cat Ionic Emotion Agent and softening wax, it gives the hair an aesthetic of smoothness, straightness, and softness look. Yes, the reflecting hair sparkles shiny like luxury silk. Because of the loreal x tenso straightening cream (price above) fullness of moisture, it is like having an intensive hair treatment in a spa to refresh your hair.

Some of the benefits of the x tenso straight cream kit:

  • Makes the hair healthy from root to tip.
  • A straight hair look that is stylish and beautiful
  • Makes the hair look straight, shiny, soft and weightless
  • A fine cream which is easy to apply and to wash off


  • Use a hair straightener iron on level 1, to coat the hair evenly, but leave out the roots.
  • Let it straightening cream develop and set at room temperature for 10 – 20 minutes or more. Please read instructions as every hair is different.
  • After, rinse thoroughly with water and dry the hair
  • Have a straight iron set at 180 ° C / 356. ° F in case you opt for the hot treatment.
  • Stay clear of the roots for about 1-2 cm as it could cause scalp irritation.
  • Use luke warm water to rinse completely.
  • Do your roots now and rinse them carefully afterward.
  • Apply the neutralizer cream by gently combing the cream into the hair structure and let it develop for 20-30 minutes
  • Make sure that the neutralizing process is complete as it could cause damage to the hair

This product requires advanced knowledge in doing hair straightening, therefore results may vary according to expertise. There are things to do and should not be followed. Read the instructions very carefully and in doubt ask or go to a hair salon to do the treatment

Package Content :
Small package size:
1x 120 ml Loreal Xtenso hair straight cream very resistant
1x 120 ml Loreal Xtenso Neutralizer Cream
English, French, or German instructions

Jumbo package size:
1x 400 ml Loreal Xtenso hair straight cream very resistant
1x 400 ml Loreal Xtenso Neutralizer Cream
English, French, or German instructions

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