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Starlist Permanent Colorcreme Ash Silver Grey 0.11


42 in stock

42 in stock


Starlist Hair Color 0.11 in Ash Grey

  • a permanent color
  • based on Wheat pigment color technology

Choosing the best ash grey hair color, whether for men or women, can seem a rather complicated task. You are in the right place! The Starlist, perfect for both men and women.

For those of you who wish to dye their hair in different colors, in the so-called fantasy colors, it is important to know that this type of coloring requires some different care. You will also have to worry about using some after-care products to keep the grey always beautiful. However, if you are a stylish person and like to show off your highlighted grey hair, this dye is a great option
No question asked as it will ensure that you are perceived as someone of distinction. Your dream of ash grey can become a reality now with the Starlist hair color. Bye, the way it’s cheap and easy to do at home!

You can buy it here at a very good and cheap price. When it comes to dyeing a grey hair, it is quite common what type of product is best. As you can see, we do not offer hundreds of grey dyecremes; we only sell the best quality products!

The Starlist brand is by far the leader of Cosplay’s permanent colorcremes on the market. After all, it is simply the best brand of an ash grey haircolor for men and women.

Grey hair is easy to match with clothes and fingernails, we already know it, right?! But now add the grey hair into it too, and we promise you will bomb it! To achieve the effect, the secret is to bleach your hair prior to a white platinum bleach, and you also might combine shades of blue and silver that imitate the appearance of metal. Many hairdressers use this trick to give the blue hair the extra kick.

For the best results, we highly recommend to buy a neutral white Dcash Master Bleaching Powder Lightener

Package Content:
1 X 60g Color Cream Starlist 0.11
1 X 60 ml Developer 9%
English/German/French Instruction

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g


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