Dcash Master Hair Color Silver Platinum MG705


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Dcash Master Permanent Hair Color in Silver Platinum

  • Master color dye
  • Innovative coloring technology 
  • All natural looking with advanced formula

The Dcash permanent hair color in silver platinum is the bestseller in the USA and Asia due to it outstanding and long-lasting color result. The hair dye softly soaks inside the hair structure resulting in perflexing silver shininess. Compare it to a new polished silver coin that shines bright in the sunlight. The same applies when your silver platinum hair reflects by the sun or disco beamers. You are the star and highlight wherever you go.

But how can Dcash Master do such a thing? With its advanced Master formula used by professional actors and actresses around the world the outstanding result even withstands the harsh environments of film shooting scenes. Take a look at some newer marvel movies and detect any grey hair, it comes from Dcash Master, trusted by the film industry for its outstanding quality.


We have put together a complete instruction guide of how to use the Dcash permanent hair color silver platinum correctly. Please take your time and read everything avoiding any unpleasant color result surprises.

  • Always remember to do a allergy test before dying
  • Shampoo your hair a day before (no conditioner)
  • Follow the dying directions and premix the cream color and hydrogen
  • Use a coloring brush to apply onto the hair
  • Depending on your hair structure, follow the developing times
  • Wash and rinse off and do not use any shampoo for around 48-72 hours


  • Do an allergy test always before
  • If you hair is damaged or stressed, do not apply the dye at it will further dry and damage the hair further
  • After dying, do use hair treatment for relaxing purposes

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Dcash Color Cream 50 ml (Platinum silver blonde shade)
Mildroxy Soft Cream 9% w/w 50 ml
Directions in English, German, French

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2 reviews for Dcash Master Hair Color Silver Platinum MG705

  1. angle565

    Love !!! I was surprised when i used it! it wasnt too difficult and the color seemed to work fine. I am sure it isnt the best quality out there but my hair feels perfectly fine.

  2. Patrick

    Good SmellThis is my favorite hair color. It smells as good as a hair dye can get. The color is great, and after I’m done dying, my hair doesn’t feel thick and coarse like it does with other brands. Also, the smell of dye is barely noticeable on your dry hair

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