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Fire Engine Red Hair Dye Permanent – Starlist


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34 in stock

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Fire Red Hair Dye from Starlist – Let the Party Start

  • with Jojoba Oil
  • No Parabens, ammonia, silicones, or sulphate
  • Color brightness booster
  • long lasting and fade-proof
  • Brand New Hydrolyzed Protein Technology

The Starlist permanent fire engine red hair dye with jojoba oil brings literally fire onto your head. The bright red color is just so crazy good looking, a must for all the red lovers. Due to its unique formula, fading or wash-out are a no-go. Trust the leader in Cosplay permanent colors: Starlist.

A quick word of advice as this is the most common problem when dying your hair red, turning the hair into other not so pretty shades.

Reasons why red hair is turning pink and how to fix it:

If you dye hair red, there is a high chance that it might turn out pink or orange. The reason being is that not all red particles in your hair were colored thoroughly, or you left the dye on the hair for too long. Another very common reason is having still some orange or yellow color particles from bleaching residue inside the hair. As this permanent red dye goes deep into the hair shaft, it will mix with whatever color exist, creating the end result. On the other hand, semi-permanent colors only attach to the outer layers. Therefore, not mixing with any other colors on the hair.

Please remember, even if instructions tell you a specific developing time, do not trust it 100%. Please check every 5 minutes as every hair reacts differently. The longer the red dye stays on your hair, the darker it will get and turns into a, even more, darker pink or orange color. All red hair dyes interact with your current color pigments, and the dye might grab these left-over hair particles and discolor them.

Steps to prepare a fire red hair dye for a shiny result

  • If you are using the permanent fire red hair dye, one week prior a neutral white bleach is required to neutralize all color pigments so that permanent red hair dye can be applied. This is the easiest and safest way to avoid a bad hair day.
  • In case your hair indeed turns pink or orange for unknown reasons, here are some tips to fix it:
  • Wash your hair a couple of times so the color will fade out over the next couple days
  • Get a color filler for the hair particles being able to absorb the new hair dye
  • Use hot olive oil to strip down the color by washing your hair ( the hot water will wide open the hair cuticles causing the too dark discoloration to fade)

Package Content:
1 X Starlist permanent fire engine red hair dye color cream 0.55 – 55ml
1 X 9% Milky Air developer 65ml
1 X 10ml Special color bright booster
English/German/French Instruction

Before mixing, apply the color booster on your hair, then mix the two components (color cream, developer) together.

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