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Bright Red Hair Dye Permanent Starlist Haircreme


35 in stock

35 in stock

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Bright Red Hair Dye, a light red permanent Haircreme

  • Brand New Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Formula
  • Starlist’s Hair Color Pigment technology
  • Professional hair salons are using Starlist as it stands for high quality.

Starlist is a brand of dyes that is gaining space in the market and place in people’s heads that promises to become even more loved as it gains notoriety. Besides a wide variety of colors and shades that the brand offers, this master color red is also known for being an option with great durability and tends to fade much less than the other options, is a great choice for those who want lasting effects.Who has never longed for such a famous red hair? Then it’s time to get that dream off your bucket list! If you’re thinking “help! How am I going to get in this tone?”, calm down, I’ll explain.

As this tone is neither dark nor natural red, the secret is to use a white bleach as a neutral base! It’s the perfect blend for your dream hair! The color trend red will never come out of fashion. Year over year, a tone for those who prefer more crazy colors, but still being very stylish! The light red dye, which is a super sophisticated shade, has gained modernity and space in the 2020’s ranking because of the newest evolving dye technologies: The best for summer and winter times to lift your mood. Are you ready to rock, and, of course, we want you to SHINE even more with a super original and beautiful look?

A quick note:
This is a permanent haircreme, and pre- and post-care is necessary. Please read our detailed instructions very carefully (see link on the flyer).

Package Content:
1 X 50g Hair Color Cream Starlist #0/55
1 X 50 ml Developer 9%
1 X 10ml Pre-Color Booster Serum
English/German/French Instruction

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