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Berina A12 Red Violet Blonde Hairdye


88 in stock

88 in stock


Berina A12 in a beautiful red violet tone

  • long lasting and reliable colour
  • a permanent solution for your new hair tone

Today is the most awaited day of recent times and its extroverted way draws attention to where you go. Your presence is contagious to everyone and attracts the gaze of a special person who is enchanted by your way of being. It’s time to reveal yourself and regain power over your life with the Berina A12 hairdye.

Berina is the haircolor that understands your personality and your desires, helping you to reveal the maximum of your potential. Because only a red violet tone has the most elegant range of intense, radiant colours, with perfect coverage. With this colour you have the freedom to be more you.

1 X 60g Hair Color Cream Berina A12
1 X 60 ml Developer 9%
English/German/French Instruction

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