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Pastel Hair Color Cream Bright Pink (No Ammonia, Hydrogen)


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79 in stock

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Premium pastel pink hair color creme

  • Dye with Keratin, Collagen, Vitamin E, Arginin Extract

Ahhh summer, beach time, pool, fun, parties feeling. Never stay bored and prepare yourselves to go pink from head to toe. Getting ready to party your look new will produce admiration from everybody around you. Known by those who like to change their look and who bet on hair colors to set a different style, the pastel pink hair dye is sweet in its look. It is known for offering a wide variety of different colors and shades. Besides, the Pastel brand is also known for having a unique pink tone that other brands do not offer, but also for having a softer pigmentation, in other words, better for those who are always changing the hair color. Build in protection that avoids fast fading. If you want a pastel pink hair dye option with a beautiful and stylish effect, but without worrying if it will come out or not, the pastel pink hair dye is a great choice.


  • A long lasting hair color cream. It will normally last between 3 – 8 weeks.
  • It is recommend to bleach your hair prior, the hair cream will last much longer.
  • Vegan Friendly & No Animal Testing
  • Color your hair without the use of Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • The color cream can give a highlight effect to your hair
  • Each tube/bottle will normally covers shoulder length hair
  • Tube/Bottle can be sealed for later use
  • It will not cover Grey Hair
  • With Pre-Lighten Hair/Bleach the hair cream will last longer. Avoid any yellow tint in your bleached hair to avoid ending up with a different hair color result (example: yellow and pink = orange ….)
  • You can use a permanent dye first and use the hair cream once the color is fading as a treatment form

Package Content:

1 X 100ml Pastel Pink Hair Color Cream 

1X English, French, German Instructions

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