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Pastel Grey Hair Dye (No Ammonia, Hydrogen) 100g


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89 in stock

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Go granny style with this stunning pastel grey hair dye

  • Contains no ammonia or hydrogen
  • Suitable for anybody who has a sensitive scalp or is allergic
  • color fade proof with build-in formula

The Carebeau pastel grey hair dye comes with color protection, which prevents premature fading of the pigments. Indeed, the gentle-looking grey comes across as more sophisticated and elegant in its tone than the more intense hues of gray. If you are a fan of grey, you will fall in love with the pastel grey. As you might know, the trend to go granny-style is already a few seasons old but still very popular across the entire globe. The luminous effects of the pastel let your hair shine on another level compared to regular dyes. The pastel grey hair dye also works excellent as an add-on for highlights or leave the hair tips in a darker gray to Marvel style.

Because it is a super cool light tone, it is necessary to take care of the color to prevent the hair from turning yellow. To combat yellow reflections’ appearance and keep the pastel nuance intact, you should use special color-proof shampoos that are very gentle than regular ones. The fashion of pastel hair is here and will stay a long time. If you are up to change your style, try it out. If you are already an expert in hair dyeing, you will quickly notice how healthy and beautiful the hair becomes, which is thanks to the natural nutrients included in the pastel grey hair dye. Be excited and start coloring the hair in pastel today.

Package Content:
1 x 100g Pastel grey hair dye from Carebeau

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