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Lolane Nature Code N1 Color Shampoo Black (No Ammonia)


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88 in stock

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Lolane Nature Code color shampoo in Black without Ammonia

  • all herbal formula
  • contains no ammonia
  • covers white and grey hair
  • enhance the color and shiness of the hair
  • non-aggressive hair dye formula
  • last 15 to 25 hair washes
  • suitable for sensitive, allergic scalp

The Lolane Nature Code color shampoo is indeed a great option to dye your hair without using the harmful chemical of hydrogen and Ammonia. Regardless if you like to boost your current natural black hair color, like to enhance and intensify the shine, or change to the old natural color, the shampoo is just the perfect solution.
In case you a novice and are a little bit anxious to dye your hair at home, the shampoo will work like magic on your hair if it is that simple to use. There is no need to visit a hair salon anymore! The Lolane Nature Code shampoo adds color pigments to the hair without harming or irritating it. The product does not penetrate deep into the hair cuticle of the hair threads, therefore protecting the sensible capillary structure. Due to the unique herbal formula, the color lasts between 15 to 25 washes until it starts to fade.

Yes, the Lolane Nature Code comes without Ammonia and hydrogen, making it suitable for everyone who has a sensitive scalp or is allergic to these two chemicals. The color shampoo is a great alternative to the common hair dyes on the market. Lolane’s unique technology guarantees the longest durability of the color with the most intense shine while it is the protection the hair structure from aggressive external influences. Another main feature of the Lolane Nature Code we need to point out is the intense grey and white hair coverage. Not every color-dye is suitable to archive this as white/grey hair lacks moisture and is very difficult to dye under normal circumstances. As mentioned earlier, the color shampoo is non-aggressive, which is the result of gently applying a color-pigment film over the hair structure; to explain different, the shampoo will not open the hair cuticles and only acts externally on the outer surface of the hair structure.

Package Content:
1 x 10g Lolane Nature Code Color-Shampoo N1 in Black


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