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Bigen Powder Hair Dye in 7 Brown, Black shades


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Bigen hair color, a permanent powder dye in black and brown shades

  • Ammonia- and hydrogen peroxide free hair dye
  • simply add water and the dye powder together – that’s it!
  • 100% perfect natural grey coverage
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Odor free without any scalp irritation or itching

If you enjoy a warm natural tone, the Bigen powder hair dye is ultra-safe, non-irritating, and absolutely easy to apply. Simply mix the coloring powder with water – that’s it! The look leaves you with a silky hair shine as if summer is all year around. Yes, it is a very delicate hue, but with a very intense shine formula. Pick your favorite shade out of the seven most popular ones to enjoy a long-lasting color result. Of course, the Bigen hair dye comes with an ultra grey coverage that even the most stubborn gray hair cannot resist.

Please choose your Bigen powder hair color shades:

chart color big

  • Code A – BLACK
  • Code C – DARK BROWN
  • Code E – CHOCOLATE
  • Code R – DARK AUBURN

How to use Bigen powder hair dye

The Bigen powder hair dye is very straightforward and straightforward to use. Just follow the steps below to enjoy your new vibrant hair color:

  1. Before you start dying your hair, you should do a shampooing to get rid off of any excess oil that might interact with the coloring process. Please only avoid the use of any conditioner at this point.
  2. Now, mix the Bigen powder hair color dye powder with five lids of the plastic measuring cup (from powder bottle) of water very well.
  3. Once the mixture is well blended, you are ready to apply it.
  4. Use a fine comb or dying brush to spread the mixture on your hair evenly.
  5. Please remember that the hair should be dry (Not damp!)
  6. It is time for the dye to develop. Therefore, please wait around 20 – 30 minutes. We recommend checking the result after 20 minutes. In case the tone is still not as desired, please recheck every 3 to 5 minutes.
  7. Once you are satisfied and happy with the current color result, you can rinse out the excessive color with clear water.
  8. It is recommended to wait at least one to three days before the first shampoo and conditioner shall be used as the pigments need to fully settle and lock inside the hair shafts for a durable result.

Of course, at this point, we shall point out that reading the fine print of the manufacturer instructions of the Bigen hair color is a must and kindly check the ingredients list if any allergies might exist. Therefore, a hair dye allergy test should be performed at least 48 hours prior application. As a rule of thumb, one box is good for normal hair; otherwise, please use two or three packages depending on the hair’s length.

Package Content of the Bigen hair color box:
The box comes with three different components:

The Bigen powder hair dye bottle
A plastic measuring cup
Detailed instructions leaflet to explain every step in detail

Additional information


Black, Chocolate, Copper Brown, Dark Auburn, Dark Brown, Deep Burgundy, Natural Black


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