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Berina A34 Light Golden Blonde Hair Creme


86 in stock

86 in stock


BERINA A34 – A Knockout Light Golden Blonde Tone

  • Everlasting shininess
  • Hair Salon Standard
  • New color pigment technology

An extraordinary day, when your personal magnetism and charm revealing how glamorous of a woman you are. This contagious glamour jumps out to the more attentive eye and captures that very special person. It’s time to reveal yourself and regain power over your life. Berina is the color creme that understands your personality and your desires, helping you to reveal your full potential. Because only this golden blonde tone is the most elegant range of intense, radiant colour, with perfect coverage of white threads. With it you have the freedom to be more you.

1 X 60g Hair Color Cream Berina A34
1 X 60 ml Developer 9%
English/German/French Instruction

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