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Berina Blonde Hair Dye Shades: A16 – A40


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Berina Blonde Shades – permanent hair dye

  • Choose your personalized blonde shade:
  • A16 (lighter blonde), A17 (blonde), A18 (golden blonde), A22 (medium blonde), A36 (deep golden blonde)
  • A37 (very light golden blonde), A39 (matt blonde), A40 (light matt blonde)

You can skip this one if you are not a fan, but we like blondes. It is the ideal hair color treatment for anyone of any age. In case you are unsure, blond actually looks great on any skin tone, especially if you have smooth, glowing skin like your hair. Your hair would feel nourished and look gorgeous after applying this creamy hair color, which is really easy to utilize. Berina is presenting this permanent hair dye in various blonde shades that contains active and powerful radiant to give a silky smooth look to your hair. A box of this permanent hair color contains a color cream 0f 60 g and cream developer of 9% that you can combine together for a desired blonde hue.

This extraordinary blonde hair dye shades option looks good on anyone, but if you have naturally dark hair, you will need to bleach first to get the perfect hue. You can use a conditioner while washing the hair color after leaving the color for 40 minutes to develop on your head to get an absolute nourished mane. Say goodbye to all those unprofessional fussy hair color treatments and hug the Berina blonde hair dye shades. It contains Hydrogen Peroxide, active and powerful radiant that help naturally lighten your hair no matter what color it is. It perfectly covers all the grey areas in your head and gives you glamorous and nourished hair. Try it out if you are bored with your natural hair to give yourself a new sexy look. It comes with a creamy application to lock shine to your hair.

Package Content:
1 x 60g Berina hair color cream
1 x 60ml Hydrogren cream developer

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Blonde, Deep Golden Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Matt Blonde, Lighter Blonde, Matt Blonde, Medium Blonde, Very Light Golden Blonde


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