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Cruset Lightening Cream White 75ml


71 in stock

71 in stock

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Fascinating strong lightening powder to go completely white

  • Premium salon quality
  • lightening powder in neutral white to apply all crazy fashion colors afterward
  • comes with perfect boost developer 12%

Many women and men look for a white hair of their dreams and get disappointed by the results they get with most of the bleaches they tried. The Cruset, is a hair lightening kit that is never outdated, white, is a favorite for both lighter and darker skin tones. Cruset will give you the pure sparkling white shade you are looking for, without having to spend a fortune to hair salons. By using the kit, you can say goodbye to too yellow or too orange shades that bad quality bleaches give you. Become your own white goddess at the ease of your home. Give it a try today.

A note: If you have black or very dark brown hair, you would need to bleach your hair in 2 steps to reach the white shade. Please let your hair relax between the lightening process for at least 3 days. Also, one sachet is good for normal shoulder-length hair. For longer hair at least two sachets are necessary to fully cover the hair.

Box Content:
1 X 75g Cruset lightening cream white
1 X 75 ml Developer 12% 40 Volume
English/German/French Instruction

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