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Berina A7 Golden Brown Color Cream


86 in stock

86 in stock


BERINA A7 Golden Brown – Let Magic unfold

  • a warm tone of brown
  • suitable for highlights
  • permanent and long-lasting

Do you like to wear brown hair but are you tired of the same tone?  Adding some gold tone to your hair and adopting a golden brown shade is a great option to renew the look of your hair without over-lightening the strands. This color choice follows the same hint in relation to your skin tone. This warm feeling tone is very harmonic and lightens up a grey winter day. Let the golden shine of the sun lighten up your hair.

Let’s face it, golden brown hair is beautiful. This elegant look is extremely democratic and looks good in all skin tones. It is so beautiful that it has appeared in lyrics, is frequent in soap operas and magazines, and super ordered in salons.

1 X 60g Hair Color Cream Berina A7
1 X 60 ml Developer 9%
English/German/French Instruction

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