Berina A4 Dark Red Brown Hair Creme


87 in stock

87 in stock


Berina A4 – A gorgeous hair look in this dark red brown tone

  • a permanent creme
  • professional use by salons around the world
  • difficult to fade

Many types of brown tones exist, but how would you not love the Berina A4 dark red brown as your preferred option before choosing anything else. The most popular shades are in the brown-red category, and each one is subdivided into several other warm and cold shades.

It is a good option for those who have light hair and want to darken it without losing the natural look since it will not create such a strong contrast with light eyebrows. Dark red-brown is a good option for those who like closed tones. The colour conveys elegance and adds some mysterious touch to the hair. The creme is a great alternative to black hair, which can end up weighing too much on those with very pale skin.

60ml of A4 color creme
60ml of Hydrogen Developer
Instructions in English, German, and French languages

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