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Berina A10 Mahogany Brown Haircreme


88 in stock

88 in stock


Berina A14 Haircreme in a wowing Mahogany Brown Tone

  • Permanent Haircreme with durable color technology
  • long lasting
  • very difficult to fade

How many Berina stories have you lived, and your friends were there with you! When you take good care of your hair, it seems that everything good happens to you, right? Because confidence grows, you feel more beautiful and stand out very easily. Indeed, it gives you that desire to take a selfie and post it for everyone to see. Cheering applause is always certain when you read the feedback of how beautiful your hair looks like.

1 X 60g Hair Color Cream Berina A10
1 X 60 ml Developer 9%
English/German/French Instruction

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