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Berina A1 – A 47 Permanent Hair Color (Black Brown Shades)


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Select your favorite black or brown dye shade from Berina

  • Selection:
  • A1 (black), A2 (dark brown), A5 (medium golden brown), A13 (copper brown)
  • A25 (dark coffee brown), A26 (natural brown), A28 (chocolate), A29 (medium chocolate)
  • A30 (light chocolate), A42 (deep dark brown), A43 (light golden brown),
  • A45 (light ash golden brown), A46 (light ash brown), A47 (light mahogany brown)

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Berina A 1 (Black)

Fancy jet black silky smooth hair? Then try this Berina A1 Dye that looks really good on anyone. There can be no better way to give yourself a gorgeous new look like Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. It has ingredients like Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Fragrance, P-Phenylenediamine, etc., which ensures zero-skin irritation. Moreover, your scalp will be totally safe from passive reaction. The 60ml developer vial contains Deionized Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, 8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate, which are great for giving you the perfect hair color. All you need to do is mix these two together and leave it for a max of 40 Minutes on your hair for the perfect grey coverage.

Berina A2 (Dark Brown)

Amaze your mirror by colouring your hair with this BERINA A2 permanent hair dye. Highlight your bangs or layers with this glamorous hair color cream to flatter everyone. If you want, you can color the rest of your hair, too, as it makes your hair dramatically healthy and smooth. To maintain the color, use Berina Protein Conditioner daily.

Berina A 5 (Medium Golden Brown)

Berina comes with a wide range of hair colors for gorgeous men and women. In fact, the Berina A5 is for those who like brown hair with a slight golden tint on it. Go ahead, choose the part of your hair you want to highlight, or maybe you want to color your whole hair with this medium golden brown cream hair color? It’s your choice, really. But we think long or medium length wavy hair will look marvelous with this one.

Berina A13 (Copper Brown)

Aren’t you bored with your same old, same old hair color? Perhaps it’s time to bring a change. Have a look at this Berina A13 that suits all hair types. Moreover, it makes your hair soft and makes them shine like a diamond. Copper brown hair looks good on everyone regardless of your skin color. And if your eyes are brown too, don’t give it a second thought.

Berina A25 (Dark Coffee Brown)

Unsure whether or not brown would be suitable for you? Then try this new Berina A25, not so brown but coffee brown, which is dark and pretty. It contains no ammonia so that your hair remains safe and natural. A perfect product that can cover all your grey hairs for sure. The Berina A25 dark coffee brown color contains ingredients like Ethanolamines instead of ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Deionized Water, and some other necessary materials that are 100% safe for your hair. All these ingredients work together to make your hair healthy and wonderful.

Berina A26 (Natural Brown)

When it comes to hair coloring options, there are many choices, but nothing can match your expectations like Berina does. For your hair health, it comes with a new Berina A26 natural brown shade, perfect for anyone looking for a safe hair color solution. It has a cream and developer inside the box that you need to mix up together for the hair color you are looking for.

Berina Dark A28 (Chocolate)

Try this fresh and lovely Berina A28 dark chocolate made for people of all ages and colors. Don’t worry; it always uses an ammonia-free solution to protect your hair from damage, and they replace it with Ethanolamines. Along with Ethanolamines, it contains Oleic Acid, Fragrance, P-Phenylenediamine, etc. ingredients to make the color long-lasting. Plus all these ingredients are 100% safe to use and with added nourishments these will enrich your hair.

Berina A29 (Medium Chocolate)

Coloring your hair is not as hard as you think, at least not with this Berina A29 in medium chocolate hair color. Give your hair the nourishment it needs and felicitate the roots with the dye color cream. It does not take more than 40 minutes to nourish your hair. Mix the cream and developer together and leave it on your head; wash thoroughly after 40 minutes.

Berina A30 (Light Chocolate)

Want to look like Meghan Fox? Then maybe this light chocolate A30 hair color can help you. Berina s one of the best hair color brands of all time that you can trust wholeheartedly. It is a permanent hair color solution for both men and women, which looks fine on any skin tone. If you have short hair, you will look really attractive in this hue.

Berina A42 (Deep Dark Brown)

The Berina A42 box contains colour cream of 60 g and Cream Developer 9% that you need to mix together to apply. Leave it for 30-40 minutes on your head and rinse thoroughly to reveal untouchable deep dark brown hair that brings attention.

Berina A43 (Light Golden Brown)

The Berina A43 smoothes your hair from root to end. Make a Hollywood appearance with your new hair this season or for any family dinner gathering.This is a perfect hair color to go for if you want a new look this Holiday Season.

Berina A45 (Light Ash Golden Brown)

Give your hair all the nutrients it needs and the Berina A45 nourishing hair color is the best suited product for your hair. It comes with colour Cream 60 g, Cream Developer 9% in a box that you need to mix together in order to apply.

Berina A46 (Light Ash Brown)

The Berina A46 light Brown hair color contains ingredients like Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Oleic Acid, Fragrance, Ceteareth-20, Resorcinol, Tetrasodium EDTA, which are not only safe to your hair but also safe to your scalp. Though you must not use any dye on your scalp, you can still stay relaxed about not getting any passive reaction.

Berina A47 (Light Mahogany Brown)

For whatever reason, you said ‘no’ to hair color; you don’t have to anymore.Whether you want to cover your grey hairs or simply want to amaze your boyfriend, go for this hair color whenever you feel like it. It is made of safe ingredients that are meant to provide the necessary nutrients to your hair.

Package Content:
1 x 60g Berina A1 to A 47 selected black and brown shades color cream of your choice
1 x 60 ml Developer

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Black, Chocolate, Copper Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Coffee Brown, Deep Dark Brown, Light Ash Brown, Light Ash Golden Brown, Light Chocolate, Light Golden Brown, Light Mahogany Brown, Medium Chocolate, Medium Golden Brown, Natural Brown


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