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Slimming Soap Dorlene (Anti Cellulite, Fat Burner)


24 in stock

24 in stock

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All natural Slimming Soap for fat burning and cellulite

  • Burns fat while taking a shower
  • An effective anti cellulite remedy
  • Fast acting and efficient

This brand new Slimming Soap from Dorlene destroys the unwanted fat cells and eliminates the skin’s cellulite spots. The Glove Oil, Vitamin E, and Ginseng Extract inside the soap help nicely firm your problem areas. The soap break down the fat cells during the massaging process. Its formula contains ingredients that promote the heating of the skin and increase peripheral circulation, thus draining the localized fat and shaping the body contour more easily, improving skin firmness and reducing cellulite.

Soap Benefits:

  • The soap gets absorbed quickly into the skin
  • Helps to increase blood circulation
  • Protects against and reduces cellulite
  • Smoother, softer, firmer skin appearance

Areas of use: Belly, Hips, Legs, Arms, Bottom

Vitamin E
Palm Oil
Clove Oil

1. Clean needed areas.
2. Massage your skin with soapy water for 1 to 3 minute and leave soap on for the natural ingredients to be absorbed.
3. Use twice daily during regular body wash

1X 80g Dorlene Slimming Soap

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