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Hot Slimming Gel Cream – ISME (Fat Burner, Cellulite) 120g


35 in stock

35 in stock

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All Herbal hot cream for tightening and slimming

  • rapid cream to say goodbye to cellulite
  • with chili, pepper, ginger, seaweed, and vitamin E extracts

This is an ultra-strong, brand-new cream by ISME. It utilizes and combines the strongest natural ingredients fused with the relaxing Vitamin E to get the best results in fat burning. This product contains a variety of plant extracts that work together. It helps accelerate fat burning, improves the body’s circulatory system, emits carbon dioxide and water, and allows the lymphatic circulation to discharge waste regularly, thus solving the cause of obesity. Finally, the goal of slimming and cellulite elimination is achieved, and the perfect waist and leg curve is formed.

The actives present in the cream causes the body temperature to rise slightly, causing the metabolism to accelerate, which allows a faster breakdown of fat cells and an improvement in tissue oxygenation.It is normal for the skin to present a redness and a burning after the application of the cream, as the symptoms are signs of vasodilation, which activates circulation and promotes a better absorption of functional actives.


  • Ends cellulite and prevents the appearance of new ones!
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps in the burning of fat
  • Acts and can be applied on the whole body

Chili, Pepper, Ginger (Fat Burner)
The chili, pepper, and ginger will get hot on your skin for several hours after massaging the cream onto the desired areas. This will start the fat-burning process.

Elastin, Collagen & Vitamin E (Relaxes your skin)
At the same time, the Seaweed & Vitamin E relax your skin so that no irritation occurs during the fat burning process.

The product does not include any harmful chemicals and is based on all-natural formula.

Chili Extract, Ginger Extract, Pepper Extract, Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin

Use once a day, massage problematic areas for 15 minutes. The skin will feel hot for several hours – DO NOT WASH OUT THE CREAM
You can also wrap the massaged body part in a plastic film for around 30 to 40 minutes. Please remove if the hot feeling is too much to avoid skin burning

As the product get very hot, use with caution to avoid burned skin and do not apply on genitals
Do not swallow the hot cream and avoid eye contact. Seek medical attention.

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1X 120g ISME Hot Slimming Gel (Cream)

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