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Catherine Tea for Slimming (1500mg Senna)


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88 in stock

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catherine herbal tea for slimming with 1500mg Senna

  • powerful 1500mg of Senna
  • a laxative tea to lose weight quick

Catherine slimming tea is a great natural resource to complete your diet. For those who want to lose weight and lose belly fat, Senna slimming’s natural option is a great choice. Senna is a naturally occurring herb in SE Asia, reducing appetite, increasing the metabolism system, and cleaning the colon from harmful bacteria. Thus, all these will help you burn fat fast. The tea is easy to use and favoring the burning of fat. Although it is a naturally healthy option to lose weight, pregnant women should seek doctors’ advice.

The tea’s composition is 100% made out of natural Senna. These substances give the tea its laxative effect because it accelerates the metabolism and decreases constipation. The recommended quantity of tea is one to a maximum of two cups per day in the evening. Infusion leaves prepare the tea, and water should not be hotter than 80 degrees. As soon as the kettle starts to make noise or you see the first bubbles during water boiling, take the water off the stove and let it cool for one minute. Afterward, let the tea bag and water sit for 20 to 40 minutes. The longer the tea bags being absorbed, the stronger the tea gets. Prepare to visit the toilet the next day frequently.

Learn more about Senna

Senna tea has its origins in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and comes from the Leguminosae family. It is a small shrub that can measure up to 60cm high with greenish yellow to olive green leaves. Senna is also known as Senna cassia, cassia marilancia, or senna wild.

Sene is a medicinal plant used by Asian doctors since the 9th century and its main properties are laxative and purgative. It acts on the intestinal mucosa by stimulating its functioning. It should not be used unnecessarily or for a long time.

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