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Natural Senna laxative Capsule 240 mg (100 Count)


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Out of stock

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Herbal laxative capsule extra strength from Senna

  • 100% herbal solution
  • Fast results to lose weight
  • Safe to use

Constipation is a problem that can knock on everyone’s door, and it is getting more and more common. The two culprits that are behind this issue, usually, are the stressful way of life and the poor, improper diet. This natural senna laxative, though, will help combat constipation in no time.  This problem is created when a person has fewer bowel movements than normal, and it can significantly affect the emotional and physical status. You might suffer from stomach cramps or feel nauseous and bloated. The best answer to this problem is this herbal laxative capsule.

It is well known that herbs can significantly improve our wellness in many aspects. Using the correct herbal combinations, we can fight many problems and issues with our bodies. Constipation is one of those issues, and Senna is the best herb to help overcome it. Senna is a tropical plant that belongs to the legume family. For many years, the leaves of the plant were used for medical purposes in various civilizations, but the primary use is as an herbal laxative. Senna capsules include all the power of the leaves, taking advantage of their properties to help you get rid of constipation or regulate your bowel movement; what the capsule does is to stimulate the bowel by causing contractions in the colon. At the same time, it decreases the absorption of water in it and finally will offer a solution against constipation.

Senna extra strength does not stop there, as it can also aid with weight loss and hemorrhoids. As you will start regulating your stool expulsion, you will notice that your weight also goes down. A regular and proper bowel movement is the key to losing weight. It is a very effective solution, and here you can buy it at an unbeatable price. The natural senna laxative should not be missing from anyone’s home as it is your best ally in periods of slow bowel movement, which will affect your daily life and productivity.

Delivery Content:
One bottle of Natural Senna laxative Capsule 240 mg
Count: 100 capsules
Source of Herbal Origin: Thailand

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