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Lingzhi Reishi Ganoder Capsule (Immune System Support)


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TCM Herb Ling Zhi Lingzhi Mushroom Capsules

Chinese Name: Lingh Zhi
Use in TCM: Neutral, Qi Deficiency
TCM Taste: Sweet
TCM Meridian Organ use: heart, kidney, liver, and lung

Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine – Fighting fatigue and strengthening the body in general, stimulating the immune system, stopping proteinuria, treating asthma and airway disorders, preventing and treating cancer and liver disorders, treating insomnia, hypertension, and protecting the cardiovascular system.

Dosage of Lingzhi Mushroom Capsule
In Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, dosages generally range from 1.5 g to 9 g per day of dried mushrooms or the equivalent to tablets, capsules, or solid or fluid extracts. Consult a trained practitioner for individualized treatment if in doubt.

The great Lingzhi Benefits

After 24 weeks of taking the Lingzhi extract, the treated group experienced greater pain relief than the control group.

A growing number of in vitro and animal model studies are validating the anticancer use of Lingzhi extract promoted by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The mushroom contains substances (polysaccharides and triterpenes) capable of inhibiting the growth of tumors, as well as their dissemination in the body (metastases).

Cardiovascular protection
Preliminary clinical trials have produced results suggesting that Lingzhi may be beneficial for cardiovascular health and reducing several symptoms of the disease: palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath. It also reduced their cholesterol levels and diastolic blood pressure.

Fights fatigue and strengthen the body in general
The results of a double-blind trial carried out in China with indicates that an extract of the Lingzhi extract was effective to relieve the symptoms of this affection.

Tradtitional Chinese Medicine attributes to Lingzhi the ability to stimulate immunity. Observations in immunosuppressed patients tend to confirm this. Other results obtained with healthy people indicate that the fungus could modulate the immune system, in particular by modifying the proportion of some of its cells.

History of Ling Zhi Lingzhi
This mushroom has enjoyed an unusual reputation in Asia for more than 2,000 years. It is mentioned in the oldest written Chinese pharmacopeia (the classic Seng Nong herbarium – published in 56 BC), and it is believed that Asians knew reishi for centuries, even millennia before that date.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and, following on from it, the Kempo medicine of Japan, consider the flesh of the reishi to be a precious tonic of the Qi (or Chi), the vital energy that sustains the whole body. As a result, in the traditional pharmacopeia, it is attributed to a global action of the adaptogenic type. For TCM, such substances have the power to fortify the entire body and help it maintain an optimal state of health and balance.

Ling Zhi is very appreciated in TCM, as it is extremely rare in the wild. It grows only in deep mountain forests, usually on the trunks of decaying plum trees. Although the Chinese tried for centuries to cultivate Ling Zhi, it was not until the early 1970s that Japanese researchers succeeded. From then on, the mushroom became easily accessible to the average person.

Traditionally, there are six different kinds of mushroom do exist in the wild, but it seems that TCM practitioners prefer the red kind. Nowadays, the fungus is relatively popular with cancer patients.

Form: Capsules
Content: 100 Capsules
Ingredients:  250 milligrams of Lingzhi Extract
Daily maximum dosage: Take one to two capsules three times daily
Storage: Avoid heat, moisture, and sunlight.

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