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CLA Vegetarian Capsules Wangprom 400 mg (100 Count)


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CLA capsule from herbs for quick fat buring

  • Natural CLA for quick slimming results
  • Vegan proof as capsules are made out of rice skin
  • stabilize and control a cholesterol level
  • Amazing results to loose weight quick

What is CLA Vegetarian Capsules?

CLA Vegetarian Capsules is a pure organic herbal medicine, reliable and fast-acting way to lose weight naturally. It is your right choice of healthy slimming solution for improving the shape of the body. The Wangprom CLA vegetarian capsules are qualified and guaranteed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). It is safe for your health and works without injecting chemical toxin ingredients into the body.

What is CLA Vegetarian Capsules Used For?

This organic Thai herb works and focuses on weight loss and weight control. It is able to stabilize and control the cholesterol level inside the blood. Also, the CL improves overall body metabolism and fat burning and supports, calming down the hunger feeling. The best CLA is your best aid during your dieting for successful weight control.

Is CLA Vegetarian Capsules for Vegan?

The CLA vegetarian capsules are 100% vegetarian made from rice skin with the key ingredients of Konjac, Piper Nugrum Linn, and Safflower. All elements are pure organic Thai herbs, which are approved and reliable in the medical industry for a long time. Overall, the herbs are able to provide the best result of weight loss and weight control to both vegans and non-vegans.

CLA Vegetarian Capsules KEY Organic Herb Ingredients:

  • Kon or Amorphophallus Konjac contains water around 80-90%, and the rest is Carbohydrate (Glucomannan = Manose + Glucose). The Glucomannan from konjac is a well-known healthy food with no protein, no fat, no calories, and high fiber. It’s a reliable choice for those who care about their health and having diabetes.
  • Piper Nugrum Linn, or the world’s King of Spices, is very famous in traditional medicine among different countries worldwide for a long time. Piper Nugrum Linn can kill bacteria and burn fat cells that the body cannot get rid of from doing sport. Full with Protein, Fosforus, and Calcium, which are suitable for those fighting with Alzheimer’s. It’s also wide use for the detoxing process in both beauty spas and hospitals.
  • Safflower or Safflower seed oil full with Linoleic acid, Oleic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Omega -6. It can block the production of Lipo-protein Lipase, which helps reduce the accumulated fat under the human’s skin. Increase the efficiency of the Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase process, which directs the impact on body fat burning. Able to control weight and prevent cancer’s risk conditions.

How Many CLA Vegetarian Capsules Should I Take?

Start your day by taking two capsules in the morning and one capsule before bedtime for the best results. We highly recommend it archiving the best slimming results.

Delivery Content:
One bottle of CLA vegetarian capsules from WP
Count: 100 capsules
Source of Herbal Origin: Thailand

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