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Tiger Balm Red Ointment 30g with 25% Camphor


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Tiger Balm Red Extra Strength with 25% Camphor from Thailand

  • with 25% Camphor – extra strength formula
  • Fast acting pain-relief properties
  • Ointment made from herbal ingredients
  • Eases pain from bruise, strain; arthritic pain, headache

The balm’s warm version, Tiger Balm red ointment 30g, mainly focuses on treating muscle pain and soothing muscular aches and spines. Whenever some muscles tweaks, opt for the red balm. You can also use it for insect bites, headaches, migraines, or stomach aches due to cold or flu. We just named a view of the incredible Tiger Balm uses. In fact, there are many countless more ways to use the balm for various treatments. The version of the Tiger Balm red 30g contains anesthetic Menthol, and Camphor, an ingredient in this ointment. The latter component has an anesthetic power that allows it to soothe muscle pain with great effectiveness.

Tiger Balm will also be effective in calming inflammation and pain due to psoriasis arthritis. This is achieved thanks to its composition enriched with natural active ingredients which gives it lenitive and anesthetic properties.Thus, Cinnamon makes the blood circulation fluid and provides a strengthening effect, while Clove has proven analgesic virtues that can weaken painful sensations. The application of the balm provides a sensation of heat thanks to the Camphor, accompanied by a sensation of coolness caused by the Menthol. The heat will help the muscle to relax, while the sensation of cold will stop the spread of pain. Thus, relief is guaranteed. The Tiger Balm red ointment works quickly, and quite strongly, while its effectiveness lasts long enough, which will help to calm your pain for a long time, so you can go about your daily activities.

Tiger Balm is available in it red color form. You can also substitute as a massage lotion, effective to soothe joint or muscle pain, rheumatism … There are also analgesic patches in the form of an adhesive strip to be put directly where it hurts, and the relief will be felt immediately. Of course, care should be taken not to apply this preparation to mucous membranes, wounds, or damaged skin. You can use the Tiger Balm red 30g as many times as you deem necessary, either as an “attack treatment”, different times daily in the acute phase, or as a maintenance treatment once a day as an example. You can also use this ointment as a preventive measure to avoid the appearance of pain, in case you know in advance that it might occur.

Rub the red Tiger Balm ointment gently on affected parts of the skin up to four times daily

Package Content:
1 X 30g Tiger Balm red extra strength with 25 % Camphor

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